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    I am away from home for the next four months and as such have no access to my nice gaming rig. However what  I do have is my old laptop. I have updated all my graphics driver’s, and followed all the advice in the “Most Common Issues” thread however, Train fever still is refusing to start for me.

    What I want to know is whether Train Fever supports the Intel HD integrated Graphics card? or is there a work around? Because if it does not then I can’t it for four months…… It tells me that GL context location has failed and to update my graphics cards, which I have done……  🙁

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    Most likely it won’t work, Intel HD 2000-4000 Cards are below our system requirements. Sometimes it was possible to run it, but as soon as you’re getting the “GL context location” error it’s a sign that your graphics card does not support the needed Open GL version. You could try to download the latest driver from: and give this a try. 


    I have the same problem, is there any chance to play this game with that graphic card??


    I’ve actually found Train Fever runs surprisingly smoothly on my thoroughly mid/low-range laptop GeForce GT 650M card, even with medium settings… so it seems it’s not quite the system-hog I thought it would be.

    But I get the feeling that even then, you’ll be lucky to even get the game to load on integrated Intel graphics.  I’d imagine you could conceivably get it to limp by if you have a chip with Iris Pro.

    I’d strongly suggest getting a graphics card if you want to play games :-S


    I ran this game on my Lenovo Yoga 2 pro Core I5, it has Intel HD 4200 and it ran on lowest settings. It was playable



    for me also the same thing but i downloaded the latest driver and my comp says minimum system requirment does not meet

    my comp details–

    windows 7  64 bit

    processor core i 5 cpu M560 @ 2.67 GHz(4cpus)



    please patch for fix HD graphic.

    useless I’ve bought this game but can not play


    TF is running with Intel HD4000 series after updating the graphics driver.

    I do use FS Lifebook E753 which requires “branded” graphics driver.  First attempts I have made with driver v, the game got frost every time at  “generating terrain… 0%”

    After update to version I finally could have spent my first sleepless night with TF 😉

    Unfortunatelly I do neither know the relation between marking Fujitsu-branded version and “generic” version of Intel graphics driver, nor I checked the change log at the working one yet,  but  I hope it can help to someone!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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