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    In addition to this discussion:

    At the moment it almost make no sense to build a sort of Intercity, skipping small towns. Like:

    Line 1 A>B>C>D>E>F  and line 2 like A>C>F (and it would make sense to use the TGV for line 2)

    At the moment it does nog makes sense to do anything different then A>B; B>C; C>D; etc.

    For the following reasons:

    – There is hardly any difference between small size (180 inhabitants) and big (almost 300) at the beginning. But even if there were any big(ger) cities, nobody is willing to travel longer then 20 minutes. So everybody is travelling to the next town, but going to the big city is not an option.

    But this regional trains, doing all small villages, compared to long intercities only doing the big cities and skipping the small towns would be fun to implement, don’t you think?

    For this I think we need the following (can this done with a mod?)

    – Differenciate more between town size at the start

    –  Differenciate between travel times, some people willing to travel 40/60/80 minutes, other only 5, 10 or 20. (Better paid jobs the longer you travel?)

    And to elloborate on this:

    – Assume cargo like steel can travel 60 minutes, food only 5 minutes, so also choosing different options (fast trains, slow trains, long or short distances, truck, etc) need to be based on cargo types?

    Would this be more fun? And it it possible to mod this?



    I also suggested a week ago that the size of cities during the genesis of the game should vary more. Now they all seem about the same size. I would like to see numerous very small hamlets of just a couple of houses, a couple of medium sized villages, and maybe one or 2 bigger towns at start.

    But for now you could choose which 2 towns on the map would be the large cities for the future intercity line. Service them better, connect them more, and they will grow faster. They will become the 2 biggest cities of the map, with one or 2 others that grew big on their own. So, I suggest a little “guided” roleplay here… 😉


    But Still because of the 20 minute-rule would make this not as fun, as it could be, imho?


    During the early years, with slow transport, people will indeed not go very far, but during the later years, with faster transport, people will get farther. I’m personally quite charmed by the 20-minute system for passengers (for cargo it should have slight modifications to the rule). I just hope they will implement a near-fix work location. Now all destinations are chosen randomly every time a person is leaving it’s front door.


    The 20 minutes rule is quite challenging, but it kills realism (and long routes) because it doesn’t consider long range traffic (business, tourism etc.). In my opinion, to balance the game, there should be a bit of long range traffic.

    Perhaps, they could implement a richer class of citizens that travel for pleasure/business and aren’t subject to the 20 minutes rule.


    With the TGV you go within 5 minutes from one end of a large map to the other. Plenty of time left to take a bus, tram or cup of coffee. You have a point about long range travelers, but they just would have a marginal effect on the total traffic mass. I like the idea to make things more realistic, but I find the 20-minute rule challenging and yet quite realistic and simple to grasp. Not for cargo of course, that needs a little tweeking.

    But mostly what I miss is, are travel patterns. And that is only possible if the little people get more natural and realist living patterns, not just a random destination each day.


    About realism, have you ever met someone who took the TGV for only 5 minutes.  Probably only the ones without a ticket kicked out at the next station. (Just kidding).

    High speed trains are esspecially for long disctance, long time travels. To me it would be more realistic, and more important more fun, to make choices about how many regional trains against how many high speed trains, based on the amounts of people traveling.

    And yes, travel patterns would be part of this 🙂 (Actually the other way around, amount of travel time is part of a pattern)

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