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    I stared this game in 1950 it is now 2034 I have 4 trains running at passenger max but I have lost $ 135 million on the other hand my road transport over the same time has earnt me $ 284 million. This game should be call road transport or road fever as it definatley favors road over RAIL . No matter what engine and passenger car selection I have made my trains only run at a profit for so many years then lose money even though I have many busses bring passenger to the station.


    I started a game with no rails, to complete the truck fever achievement. I realised that the game is much easy when using road vehicles only. Infact, road vehicles are giving better profits. I think the running costsof locos and wagons  should be adjusted.



    I am currently running a game, starting in 1850, using only passenger trains and making 1 billion in profit by 1950. The first decades after 1950 are difficult to start with. It was a tough period for train companies worldwide since it was about the time when people started using cars and were getting from A to B faster by car than by train.


    I have to agree with Blokker1999 here. I also have one game only with trains and i also got 1 billion profit by 1950.

    It really shouldn’t be a problem to make profit with trains in this game. Just don’t overexpand in the first years.


    This is where the game becomes interesting. Everyone wants to implement the same tactics with trains in the 1950 as they did in the 1850’s.

    When I approach the 1950’s, I rebuild my entire network to accommodate faster trains and had to change numerous destinations and etc. and improve the network. You must approach the 1950’s differently as in the 1850’s with trains.



    What do you mean?

    I have one playing style which stays the same throughout the century of the game without any financial troubles even if i only use trains.


    Care to elaborate the differen 1950’s approach?


    You’re just having bad luck. 🙂 Supply and demand is the clue. The game does exactly that in an excellent way, but it’s not always that easy to figure it out.

    If your trains are at maximum capacity and not making money, there are some bad distances along the route where the trains are not full at all.

    One of my games, with insanely expensive Flying Hamburgers doing their job well, next to Mallards.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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