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    Traian Trante

    So far, from what i gather in the videos, there is absolutely no reason to have 2 engines in a train. I observede that the trains have so much power that are able to cary 20 wagons without any issues.


    Can one of th guys that have the beta comment on this please ? Is there a scenario where 2 engines is preferred over just one?


    I have to agree with you, perhaps the characteristics havnt been played with entirely yet. I still love  that i can finally have the ability to have long trains with multiple locomotives. Dont forget mods as well can change the aspects for the trains.


    Well it’s actually kinda realistic that 1 loco can pull so much wagons on it’s own without any trouble. What the devs could do is slightly increase the accelaration whenever an extra loco is attached to the train, this way you will get that satisfaction you seek for adding multiple engines.


    20 wagons is nothing for a train. Trains can pull much more than that. Adding a second or a third train will increase how fast the train can accelerate, meaning the cargo will be delivered faster.

    The only thing I think the game doesn’t have realistic is the fact that doesn’t matter how many wagons you put, it will always run. Very very slowly but it will run. The minimum speed is 1 Km/h. I test it.

    But you can definitely realistic have very long train and more than one train if you want extra acceleration speed. Extra trains is mostly necessary for slope tracks, perhaps increasing tractive effort. As I prefer to play in flat lands I didn’t test this. But keep in mind that this is very costly. I would require a lot of full wagons to compensate the cost.

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