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    I enjoy very much playing Train Fever, and I was also a huge fan of RRT3. What I miss in this game compared to the latter is that all the maps look quite similar. Would it be possible to implement different map styles in the future, for example island maps? Instead of having lakes, your basically just surrounded by ocean or a water body. Or more forested maps like in RRT3. Or even desert maps to get a feeling of Wild West? The maps here look a little “depressing” to me, but maybe its just me.


    Thanks for the reply.



    I definately want to see more trees, loads of them. While i don´t think maps are depressing right now,  the hills and mountains have too few forests. I play on a big  mountain map, and it all looks like West Highland Line to me, minus the trees. 😀  I dream of Schwarzwald like maps.

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    Same here if I was on any of my trains you can’t look at scenery because there are none

    the pictures they use to advertise are misleading


    From what I’ve seen of the game It would really be nice to have some big, dense forest areas. I believe that they might have left that out due to performance issues. I don’t really know how good their graphics engine is. But it would of course add a lot to the visual experience of the game.


    Yeah, the trees do cause big fps slowdowns when up close, needs optimizing. And i don’t like how the forest is a just mashup of different trees,  should be mostly one type e.g. pine.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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