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    No, but you can entirely rebuild one.

    I was bored with my 200 million and decided to remake a town, because the AI create ridiculous roads that its impossible to make a good transport system in it.

    So I deleted every single building and lay new, large streets, all with bus lanes and tram tracks.

    Things I learned:

    – The game will crash if you delete all buildings. So leave some buildings for the town to grow again.

    – Do it in steps. Delete most buildings, leave some. At the first day of the month, a lot of new building will grow again. Pause the game and keep deleting. Now you can remove all you dont wan’t.

    – Dont make too large squares, otherwise new weird roads will spawn. Or make large squares, and that is where you make the transport system, the rest doesnt matter.

    – Save with different names in different steps. If the saved game crashed you can start from a previous point.

    – Cost of this: 100 M (includes everything, bulldoze all buildings and rebuild all roads)

    – Tip: put the volume on mute or change the WAV files to something else. The bulldozer sound is very annoying. I changed it to birds signing 🙂

    – Be smarter than me. If you delete all buildings move your passenger station to the center of the town. The city will be HUGE in months.


    Here are some screenshots:

    What you shouldnt do (remove everything):

    Leave some:

    Make new layout:

    Watch it grow:




    Very interesting idea. I will try this at some point.


    Nice, do post a picture of newly developed city with skyscrappers, if you can.


    Good idea! Did you find that it used the town’s original zoning, that is, did the green residential area pop up again in the same general area it was before you started bulldozing?



    Ok so after a while the town didn’t grow as fast as I expected. Just normal growth like all other towns. The fact that the transport system inside the town is extremely effective (anyone can go anywhere) didn’t make it profitable.

    There are still no skycrapers in this town. I think the amount of transport in the city does not affect its growth. I don’t know what affects city growth anymore. In Locomotion if you make trams in a town it will grow very fast. in TF trams doesn’t seem to affect growth.

    I kinda of giving up inside town transportation and only care about city to city and cargo. The trams jam if you make transport system in the crazy roads of a natural city, and the costs, work and time to rebuild a town is not worth it.


    I’ve found the only way towns grow rapidly is by connecting it to another town, and each connection gives about 100 population boost.


    Creative gaming! I like your attempt to try and reduce the villages to just a hamlet of a few houses. But I personally am not a fan of those square road grid. To me they are boring, but everyone is free to play as he likes. Nice attempt, very inspirational. And, it’s all about having fun! 😉


    That is not a very good system then. It should be about number of passengers transported and not about number of cities connected. A city can be connected to several other cities in an indirect way. I make straight lines or circle lines, meaning all cities are connected but directly they are connected to only 2 cities. But in a way they are connected to ALL cities of the map. Its a network. If the city needs connection to all other cities it would be crazy.


    In my experience the buildings will grow based on how connected it is within the 20 minute rule. E.g: an industry will grow based on how many workers can reach the building, residential buildings need access to all the three other building types. In addition they all need a larger area to upgrade.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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