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    Hi everybody.

    I’m following this game for a while now, and see a lot of people compare it with Cities in Motion, while this game should more be compared with games like Locomotion and OpenTTD then CiM.

    CiM is focussed on City transportation, so it’s a complete different game than Train Fever. Compared to OpenTTD and it’s functions, Train Fever is right now back to basic. But I do think that this game will be at least as good ad openTTD at one day. I really like how the Dev team is listening to the input from the people on this forum! al tough I don’t like all the decisions, like no Multi payer… since is have hours of fun playing OpenTTD with my cousin over lan. Cities in Motion is just death when you try to find a match online…

    I will buy this game when it comes out, I’m too much of an transport tycoon game freak and I really like the realisic look of the rail roads! (I always try to build rail roads as realistic as it gets, but thats maybe because i work on them…)

    I’m also for Early Acces, and i’ll say why: I’m also in the DayZ early access game and yes it’s buggy and unplayable sometimes, but that’s where you choose for when you buy the game in early access (there where even warning not to buy the game). But it feels good to be able to participate in a game you like, being able to find bugs, issue them to the devs and be a little bit part of the creation of the game. The Funny fact is, that you can really see a game evolve from just barely playable to full game (well, if everything goes all right that his…) The bad side of the Early acces thing is  that a lot of people buy it anyway, then whine to get their money back because it’s buggy and not playable… So i can understand why you want to do a normal closed beta.

    I also saw the video, I know the graphics are not final yet, but the Steam locomotive should have more white steam. When a steam locomotive shouts out dark gray steam, it’s usually due to not enough coal or something (my colleague is a Steam locomotive operator, and told me something like that).

    I just want to say this last thing, I will buy this game because I really think this has a great future ahead for itself. I just hope that the devs will keep walking this line that they do now and look into any idea’s from the users who play it in the end. I’ll be waiting for the 3rd Q to play this game! (and i’m already sure that i will spend a lot of hours into it!)


    cheerz from Holland!



    I agree. However on the multiplayer part im with urban games.

    I feel it is really boring to play online with people i dont know. And having single player in the first versions also lets us get to know the game. Even transport tycoon did not have multiplayer in the beginning.

    For my own part i dont have many friends who play computer games very often. (Im a married man 🙂 So I will not sit down with friends and train-fever on a regular basis. However i do look forward to sitting down with it on my own.

    On steam there is so much shoot, kill, destroy, zombies, aliens, horror. Banished shines through as a nice peaceful game which i will use time on some day. I look to train-fever as the next nice peaceful game to build and help people get to work. 🙂

    cheerz from norway

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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