just played the game and here is what it need ASAP:

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    -Crossovers for tracks so many track layout gets possible so tracks can cross each other so switchs like these onces:


    Is possible
    and some others thing is too

    -turn off autosave or make save file smaller or both

    -like you can upgrade the road without having to delete them
    what about to do that to the track & signels? instead of having to remake them and same for stations for adding 1 more track (if space for it)

    -waypoints for both trains/road vehicles and choose what platform they should be in
    aswell as choose Any platform they can get to on that station
    so it dont have to always be the same (so some other trains can bypass a train on a station with many tracks)

    -a method to choose you wanna build a slope or a brigde(like hold a button down on keyboard) since sometime it wont just build a brigde (i was trying to build brigde over track since crossover tracks is not possible)


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    i think i know why the save file is big:
    it has both the map and any thing you have built
    what if the map is a other file
    and anything you have build is just a save file that way i think it will make filesize alot smaller on save file


    so you have the map file
    and a save file
    so its only the map file that is alot of filesize(if not that also can be lowered down)

    sorry for 2x post but clould not edit the post over me


    but take your time
    this game is sure going to be good since it is always good even without mods
    and also these things i listed there should not be mods but be ingame without mods but will be nice to be as mods until the dev. make it

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    I’m tagging along on this one since it’s something the game needs, even though it’s not a mod per se.

    Description of vehicles should be placed BELOW the stats. It’s hard to compare different engines and wagons because the stats jump up and down depending on how much text there is.

    See this comparison..

    To the left is how it is ingame now. The right is a mockup I did, and how I wish it really was.

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    I don’t know how you are doing it, but i have no problems with trains picking free platforms.

    Single line, 2 platforms, one train waits for exit, while another one enters, it works beautifully.



    i think people usually have a problem with trains running the same direction.

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