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    Bump. This needs to go to the top of the list again. Replacing vehicles is a pain now if you have a lot of them. And I don’t need the pop up all the time. Just a notification line will do. One extra button; Go to depot and replace with…




    And maybe a “Train X hasnt moved in a year due to a signalling error, please spend 20 mins fixing this”


    can’t agree any more.


    I agree absolutely to jfjohny’s proposal.

    In the late game you’ll have mor than 100 lines. E.g. 120 Lines, Lifetime 30 years. 4 Lines has to be replaced every year or every 3 months 1 line. 3 Months are 90 days. One ingame day is one realtime second which means that in this case a line has to be replaced about every 90 seconds realtime.

    Because of this reason I don’t play large maps.

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    A “replace with” button could be complex to implement. Consider the following questions:

    When would you pay for the new vehicle?
    What if you don’t have enough money to purchase the vehicle?

    I think the biggest issue in road vehicles and their replacements is how long it takes for the vehicles to spread out over the line. At this point it would even be better if the line’s vehicles acted as one and drove to their “spot in the cycle” before all starting the line. This way, a line might take around a month or two to get in place to start, but at least it wont take a year before they are properly spaced. Also I notice no attempt at spacing with industrial road vehicles, they drive around in the same clusters of 3 I assign them to the route in.

    If I could replace my line by sending all vehicles on that line to depot for selling, buying the new ones before they get there and putting them on the line all at the same time, and they space themselves out before starting, I’d be happy with that.

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    To be honest, I don’t think the limited vehicle age is actually such an important game feature. If you think about it carefully, it’s very similar to simply increasing the running costs of your vehicle by a fixed amount per year for each vehicle, the only difference being that the vehicle needs to return to depot and, of  course, a large number of mouse clicks. I would simply remove the vehicle maximum age. It was bad game design and a huge chore in TT and it still is. If you like, you can replace it with regular maintenance visits to the depot like they are in TT, if you really consider the ‘return to depot’ thing important.

    Upgrading vehicles is a different animal, but in my opinion this is handled sufficiently well with the return to depot and sell a whole line, then replacing the vehicles manually. Since the frequency is shown and you can calculate how much you need, this is manageable enough.


    I don’t think its done well because the mess up with the distance between the trains and its a huge problem.


    I propose simplifying the replacing procedure. Instead of sending the vehicle to depot, and doing all that, there are 2 methods that can be used

    1) Simply click the replace button on the train’s window, choose a new consist (new loco and wags) and click confirm, and the vehicle is magically replaced on the spot. (just like in locomotion)

    2) The depot window provides an additional button “Replace trains”. Press this button, choose a train or more than one train,or an entire line. Then choose the vehicle  for it to be replaced with. Click confirm. Now these vehicles are sold on the spot and new ones come out from depot.




    1) If trains are magically replaced, depots will become obsolete besides purchasing. And players would sell them to reduce building maintenance costs.

    2) Better, the game would have to make an estimate and compare it to the available funds prior to the action to prevent the sale of all vehicles when only a part can be replaced.

    Though I still don’t understand why the vehicle has to be sold on the spot. They could just be given the “return to depot and sell” command as usual. This would mean the entire purchase price would need to be available in the player’s budget, excluding the sale price of the to-be-replaced vehicles. This way, trains don’t magically disappear. After all, trains dont magically disappear.

    And to make the timing of replacement work, I wouldn’t mind if replacing vehicles was still done on a vehicle by vehicle basis. This way it can be done without disrupting the line or sacrificing any passengers/cargo (Which disappear if you send a train to depot and it is carrying something.).


    I think the present system whilst not being perfect is quite fun, after all we are playing a reasonably priced game here. Many of the suggestions (not just this thread), are excellent but the team would probably need to work  30 hour 10 day weeks to please everyone.

    I’m sure they do take on board the suggestions but probably deal with major bugs and performance improvements first, perhaps many of the ideas we put forward may well appear in TF2, if or, when that arrives. At least the replace vehicle popup reminds you that the vehicle exists, I’ve got so many in play that some are forgotten although I have trucks still returning a profit over 100 years old, (hope I can do the same at that age).

    Manual vehicle replace at least reflects real life, if my car and motorbike automatically replaced themselves I might wind up with ones I didn’t like.




    “I’ve found the quickest and least painful way to replace a line’s vehicles as follows”

    Sure, it works. It has just one “little” issue. The old vehicles go to the depo immediately, their load included. So, in case you have a line of 30 cars of wood. then you would waste at least 15 cars of wood and few cars of gods. It will cause drop maby downgarde of your Saw mill. Which cause backward drop of the forest. Both thinks tgether cause drop on delivery good. Profit goes down like hell, city development goes down. Passangers nubmer go down too. Lets money talk-  on my last test, I have spend 1M for replacing “your way” and lost another 3M in next 2 years because of economy drops waves.


    “Manual vehicle replace at least reflects real life, if my car and motorbike automatically replaced themselves I might wind up with ones I didn’t like.” Sure. Do you have at home about 250 cars and replace them every 30minutes, all of them one by one?


    I have to agree with  alpaca here. The whole replacement roulette should go. It was a chore in TT and it remains a chore now.  It’s already enough that we replace the old vehicles with new models when they become available, no need to include any forced micronanagement on top of that.


    I feel the need to add my two cents worth to this. I am not a great fan of extreme micro management games and tend to stay clear of them as I find it brain numbing. Maybe I should have researched this game a tad bit more before my purchase (thankfully only paid a few pounds). Why is it that a game of this tycoon class of games released 2014 lack the fundamental train and bus/lorry(truck) replace button? I have read on here that some like the tedious fair of babysitting 120 plus lines and replacing old trains with new ones but I honestly miss the REPLACE Button from Railroad Tycoon classics. There is enough in this game to keep those of us who enjoy this genre that the idea of constantly clicks and windows and alerts for each and every item needing replacement. For this reason I am benching this game. It is sad because this game has its really great points that I was looking forward to playing and experimenting with. So back to my trusty RRT games and wait for the devs to either patch this into the game (dont hold much hope for that as it is 2016) or wait for a newer game that implements all the great qualities from this and the RRT games.

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    @pantonyp: I hope you know by now, that there is an automatic replacement tool for each line, where you can set the vehicles to be automatically replaced with a chosen vehicle when they stop at a station/bus/truck stop after a predefined time (25, 50, 100, 200…% lifetime of the vehicle). True, I still would also add a 0% in cases where you receive a new model and you just replaced the vehicle on the line with some old model, but that is a small annoyance.

    Also if there was a possibility where the replacement would be automatically setup by default and you would not have to set it for each line, that would be great, but it is still a great help and if you do it for every new line, and not as me only when the old vehicles start screaming, it is easy.

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