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    Hi all, I am very much enjoying this game despite its limitations, I think I understand signalling but just a quick question. I have 3 cities, A,B,C, is it possible to have a line going from A to B to C and back to A. I was able to build the line below and create a new line which was accepted but there must be a problem with signals that I dont understand as it is not working as I hoped.

    From A to B is 50% one way and then shared with some double track.

    B to C uses the shared double track above and then one way to just before C.

    C to A is 95% one way track. I created the line ok, the weird thing is a train going from B to C will wait at the last signal on the shared track for a A to B train to pass despite their being a clear path to the one way track to C.
    Any help appreciated, sorry if explanation is a bit wonky.



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    Hi dubatc

    I think you set the signals on the wrong side of the track (if your green dots represent the side of the track as well). Remember, the signals have to be build on the right side of the direction they belong to! So the “blue” train doesnt “see” the signals which stand at the track A-B and blocks the track towards the station in B.



    Will have to go and examine my map to check, thanks for the info.


    thanks highspeed, so easy to forget that signals must be on specific sides of the track especially when only being used in one direction.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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