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    What is going to be, if the train is longer then platform, and the train blocks the junction in front of station?

    Will we be able to adjust the length of platforms?


    If the train is longer than the platform, junctions in front of the station can in fact be blocked. Also, loading and unloading will take longer. The platform length can be set when building the station (but probably not once the station is built).


    Something to tag onto the end of this question: Change

    One of the things I’m really looking forward to in Train Fever is building a network and growing it organically over time.  In similar games (like OpenTTD), I love to play over the decades, realistically expanding stations and adding tracks and service (and removing them) as the world changes.

    I’d just like to suggest/make sure that Train fever handles changes well.  Expanding stations, platforms, etc.

    This is something OpenTTD does very well; not only are changes always possible, I can completely demolish a station, and the game “holds” the identifier for a little while so I can rebuild it without destroying the orders of all the vehicles going there.

    On the flip side, the Cities in Motion series is terrible at this; every change of the street furniture requires a painful redrawing of routes.

    Anyway, a suggestion from my end.  Thanks for your time, and your game!


    I also think being able to adjust your stations over time as needed is something very important. If such an option won’t be there you risk being flamed by players that you can’t do something that was possible 2 decades ago even if the game is overall very good. And you know how customer crowd on the internet is: no sign of mercy for anyone involved in production for even slightest mistake.


    I’m agreeing that it’s important for a game to understand how to upgrade or change a station into something that works with the newer and longer trains over time. Cities in Motion 2 was a great example of what not to do. If you needed to change a station or or route… you pretty much had to redo everything all over again and it became chaotic. Many of the replies from the developers so far in the forum have stated that you want to simplify certain aspects of the simulation games micromanagement, and being able to easily and quickly extend or expand a station should be part of that mentality. This game is about trains, so I don’t feel like this is asking too much as a future buyer of this game. Especially since things like this usually can’t be changed after release.


    +1 to be able to improve stations and add platforms to it.

    Underground stations seem to be a very important point also. History is that railroads began with stations at the edge of city, then the city grew and surrounded the station and underground stations had to be built to continue to join the city center. Without it we should destroy a lot of buildings to let the railroads pass in the city, and that is not cool…


    We’re going to make the train stations expendable with further platforms. Also you’re able to build different types of train-stations. Underground stations aren’t in this release but could be added after the release.


    Mikael I assume you meant stations will be expandable- expendable stations would mean the trains could stop any where. Sorry to be the Semantics police, but I am just making sure we are all on the same page.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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