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    One of the first freight line I created suddenly just stopped working … I was reviewing my network and noticed that one freight train is sitting on a station and has “no path”. I clicked on line to see the path it takes but does’t show nothing .. so I slowly checked entire line what could be wrong … I did it twice in I can’t find a reason what’s wrong.

    Is there any error log or some report what is wrong ?? ..or is there any other way to debug such things ?


    Traian Trante

    usually that’s an electric train that has a small track un-electrified.

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    is not that … that line is electrified from start and all worked fine. I checked with electric upgrade tool all section if is all connected and all is fine.

    Traian Trante

    the other explanation might be that it’s a signal you recently set to “one way” that screws up your path…


    I had two lines starting from main city to different sides .. then I conected both ends with third line .. all railroads are conected in one big network ..  after I connected this third line the main line broke ..

    I had line going  A -> B -> C -> B -> A … and now instead going directly from C  to B line goes throught all network around the map .. WTF .. it takes the longest possible way …

    and  I think this also broke that freigt line…


    The train has no path and the route line does not show because of one of the following:

    1. you have at least one electric train on the line and the overhead is broken – ie, a section is not electrified. It could be really really small – clue is to look for overhead towers very close together.

    2. the track is not connected – when you added a track, it is possible that it did not connect – zooming in really close with show this – it could be adjacent but not actually connected together.

    3. The train can no longer get into the station. Either a signal is set to one-way blocking the train entering the station, or you disconnected a track it needs to access the station.

    The clue of where the problem exists is the fact the train is going a long way round instead of direct from C-B – so the problem lies between C and B and in the direction of C to B.

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    Dont add A at the end.

    It’s enough to set the line A -> B -> C -> B

    The route automatically starts again with A.

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