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    Hello everyone.  I recently purchased Train Fever as well as downloaded the USA DLC from Steam and have noticed a few things while playing the game.  For one there seems to be a glitch when there are multiple lines on one industry.  This is especially problematic when you take the other lines out to upgrade and the one remaining line apparently is not serving the industry.

    On one of my games (I was using the USA Pack provided by Steam)  I had three goods trains working with a steel mill with a production of 106.  When I took out the two that were being supplied with goods to electrify them the steel mill had no Line Usage.  It was just being supplied with goods only for a few seconds before the steel mill quit using it.

    What makes this odd is that the line was the shortest route to the town.  The road was not as fast as the steam locomotive but low and behold the steel mill decided not to use the line.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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