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    Hey guys,

    I want a railroad between 2 cities, on the left the train go to a town, and on the right railroad from a town to another.
    However, no matter how I place the switch, or the lights, the line keeps using only 1 railroad, and not the other…

    Can anyone show me how I should do this?


    When you say 2 lines..   Do you mean 2 lines coming right off the platform?   If that is the case, it will not work.   You have to make an extra line off each of those lines and use Switches.


    Signals on the outer side of the double track (Or the right side of where the trains are driving)

    You still have to make two lines opposite to get the trains to use both platforms – Devs are working on a platform selection feature.



    I got the thing working, but I can only get 2 trains running, because if I place a third on the track, it keeps “waiting for free path”… any way to get more trains going?



    how long is the line ?

    you need at least one signal (stations count as signal) between each train , so if your line is long enough , put a signal in between the 2 stations


    For the moment there are no left hand side signals in the game. The signals are based upon the German system; right side running. I’m also wishing the left hand side signals will be available soon, because in almost half of the countries trains drive left (Belgium, Italy, UK, Japan, France, ….).

    So, until the left hand signals are available (if ever), you have two options: driving at the right hand side and placing the signal as usual at the outside of the parallel tracks, or driving left and placing the signals between the 2 parallel tracks. Both options are not very prototypical, but it works. 😉


    Yeah, I got the 2 routes going, although it might still give some trouble at stations, because it is only using 1 station.

    But I do have some trouble getting more then 2 trains running, because if I get a third, it says waiting for free path… Any idea how to fix that?


    It’s difficult to imaging your specific railway network and its setup, but did you place intermediate signals on each stretch of line to divide it into smaller blocks? This would increase the capacity of your lines.


    No I have not divided it. I am at work at the moment, but as soon as I am home I will make some print screens to show the setup.


    You can only have 1 train on a section of track. The sections are created by placing signals. As was mentioned, there are signals built in to the stations. You need a setup like


    Station—– <                                                                                                                                >——Station


    (Ignore the ……. on the left, had to put it like that to get it to align correctly…)

    I hope that makes sense 😛 and as mentioned, the signals go on the right side of the track according to the direction the train is running in. If you place a signal on the left side of the track the train will ignore it (but if it comes down the opposite way then it will use it)

    You can also make signals one way (by selecting them) which will force locos to only go in one way on it.

    *EDIT – Also, always have a signal as a loco is leaving the double track so if it needs to wait, it will wait at the “end” of the double track instead of halfway down it.

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    Duffy Duck

    @mansen wrote:

    You still have to make two lines opposite to get the trains to use both platforms – Devs are working on a platform selection feature.

    I have read this a few times but never from devs. Where is the source for this allegation ? I fear this is only a wish converted in a fixed statement 😀


    Reading all the posts on here regarding the train side of TrainFever. I don’t think much thought went into the game regarding these problems. I know it is based on right hand running (as in Germany) but no consideration was given to left hand running as is in France and the UK. This is the same I suppose of road transport. Maybe a facility to choose either option of left or right running should have been available in the game from the start.

    I haven’t had much success with trains so far, but I am just hoping that a patch to improve things will soon be available. It will make building railways much easier.

    I am still running in the early period and have only reached 1900 so far, the reason being, I don’t spend much more than an hour or so in each session. because I don’t have much free time available.

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    I found that the best way to do this is to connect the tracks in a loop, that way you don’t need to rely on signals to direct the trains.

    To do this you’ll need a bit of room on the other side of the station to curve the track around and hook it up to the other platform, but it’s not that hard.

    For my current setup I have all the towns on a medium map connected with such a double track and I can just add trains to reduce wait times.

    To reduce wait times you can add signals to break your tracks into smaller sections, I find it particularly helpful to add a signal right before the station so that trains loading/unloading aren’t holding up a train behind them.

    Participant this is a total overview of the line. right before the station

    Another one before the station

    Hopefully you guys can help me :), because it is driving me nuts!



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