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    Hey Guys,

    first pls sorry for my bad english….

    I love this game very much and play it the whole last days. I get the most money with the transportation of cargo, so i miss a little in the route config like “load nothing”.

    Maybe you can tell me how i can do that or maybe the producer will update this feature.






    For the moment it is not possible to tell a vehicle to load nothing. I hope developers read this forum, and note down your remark, as this option seem quite easy to implement, and might be practical in some cases.


    Yes I agree with this.

    Wasn’t this option called “unload all” in another game?


    It would also be good if you could specify an amount of time to wait for loading.  E.g.  Full or xx minutes.

    Or perhaps stating to load only a specific type of cargo would be useful.


    DJ: Or, as I suggested in another thread, a % of full load, so you can slowly ramp up the % as the supply increases (eg you could set a truck or train to 25% when the supply is 100, but when it hits 400, you’d likely want it to wait until the supply tick, even if it’s 25% full so you’d up that to 75% or even 100%. It would also be one way to avoid the whole “replace the truck or wagon and suffer a loss in supply or demand” issue we’re seeing.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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