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    So, I’ve seen in several places where people want longer trains, and the agreed on method of doing so is to lower the capacity of wagons so you use more. BUT, I’ve only seen the Cargo Mod (I think it was that one) actually make it happen, and it seems to do so manually (the creator manually edited each wagon in the mod) so non mod wagons are uneffected. I decided to change that.

    I believe I have a working script that cuts the capacity and weight of every rail wagon (including mod wagons) in half, and with a price mod of your choice you can then cut the price and running cost in half, and it’ll effectively be exactly the same, but twice as long.

    That said, should I just implement the prices into this mod? And should I cut loading speed in half as well?
    Should I try to refine it to industry wagons only since passenger wagons never really had a length issue?
    I’ll also be working on getting it to be configurable with TFGM’s built in config tab, but I’m not a coder, so I don’t know how long this will take.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this or want it for testing purposes? Is this even a thing people are still interested in?


    Well to be honest (almost) everyone seems to have moved on to Transport Fever to discuss this being a feature in that game as it’s looking like everything Train Fever should of been.

    But I’d love to test and use this mod in TF 1 with what ever features you want to add to it.


    That’s unfortunate lol, I guess I’m late. Well here it is on my dropbox for now then, exactly as it is in my game right now. I did use Gwinda’s price mod to reduce wagon purchase and running costs to half.


    I also just installed it using TGMM, I don’t see why you couldn’t install it with any other method though. Also tweaking it should be super easy, just change “0.5” to some other number to raise or lower the weight/capacity.



    Old timey log and goods train, it was only recently built so production isn’t up to full capacity yet. I don’t know if the second engine was needed, but I liked it and the route was extremely steep.


    Nordic DLC passenger wagons shown to have half capacity.


    This is train 5, so you can see for all those Pullmans (meaning it also works on USA DLC) it can only hold 90 people. Like I said before, I’m not sure passengers needed to be included, but here we are. Later on I’ve found that 9 cars is a good sweet spot when your average speed is around 75-80mph, haven’t gotten far enough in to see the modern day cars in use. And I’m fairly certain this was a medium length passenger station, but don’t quote me on it, I’ll probably play some more in the next couple days and double check / upgrade everything to large stations.


    Train 8 shown on the overpass, it’s empty, but it’s a very new route. Those are all American boxcars and can count 10 of them, with only 60 capacity.

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    • This reply was modified 7 years, 11 months ago by ladyjulianne.

    I was wrong, more cars also looks fantastic on passenger trains.

    Also yes, the station before was a medium. The large comfortably fits 9 cars and a double engine with room to spare.

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