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    Looking forward to this release. The gameplay videos released look amazing. I do have some questions or suggestions:

    1. In the video trains “flip” direction when going in the opposite way. Can the game engine handle push-pull, or requiring the locomotive run around the train on a loop?  Could this be an option in game settings sometime in the future.

    2. Tram tracks – seems can only build in pairs – would love to build single track too. In early days is is more realistic as many tram lines were single track with loops.

    3. Scheduling – to space vehicles be great to have a means to do that – either automatically based on line length and number of vehicles, or some sort of timetable.

    4. Can we name the lines? And chose the line colour?

    You’ve done an amazing job.  Well done.






    I’m agree with you on point number 3, i don’t care to have a detailed timetable, but i’d love to have an automatic system that allow us to set the frequency.
    I mean:


    To the point number 3:

    The vehicles disperse automatically on the line. If you add vehicles to a line, some of them wait longer at stations than others to get the perfect space between other vehicles, but this happens not immediatly, it takes some time (years) until they have all the same space between them.


    The frequenzy is displayed in the lines overview (you can see this at several points in the gameplay video). You can shorten this frequenzy by adding more vehicles to the line and vice versa.


    On point 1 I’m totally with you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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