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    I just wanted to take a minute to mention how much I am loving the game! I feel like we see a lot of posts on these forums discussing strategy/suggestions/problems but not nearly enough time talking about why we really love and enjoy the game. Below are some screenshots of my current game, in which I am trying to reduce the number of depots by using more track switches and signals (so far its working), I currently have 18 Rail lines with 2 trains each and to accommodate those lines I only have 3 depots compared to my usual of 1 per rail line.

    As for my other lines, I have around the same in bus lines and only a few cargo lines. About 95% of my lines are profitable over 500K a year with several accruing over 1 million. Tonight I am going to make a push to connect more towns with a full 5 track station and see how much money I can bring myself up to per year. I like to take it slowly usually rather than adding every track at once to leave myself room to grow through the years.

    As promised screenshots:



    I usually like to take it slow too.  My latest game ended up with 2 main lines and 1 smaller line added recently.

    The two main lines cross the map in an X sort of pattern, double track connecting to multiple cities with (i forget exactly) about 10 trains per line running.  Its working quite well… although at some point the inevitable happens.  Traffic.

    The aim of the double track aside from it being a little more realistic was to cut down the time passengers spent waiting for the next train if travelling to the a different city other than the adjacent one… express lines where next on my todo.

    Three Lines.. I recently replaced trains on one line, so profits are lower than usual:
    Losing battle with the traffic though, you can see it gridlocked across the map, just…

    Traffic, Arrrghhh 🙁

    Mods!!!  🙂

    I find myself just experimenting with things at the moment though, hoping for improvements…


    Ever you tried to build two or more stations per city?

    Traffic: I ask it we put more buses or trams will the car traffic diminish?


    Nice shots 🙂


    So far I haven’t been very good with the multiple stations concept, every time I try it I end up with two poorly functioning stations instead of one well functioning station. I am going to be trying that this time around though once I get the high-speed trains with long distance trains from my primary hub to some edge cities. Wish me luck!

    So far I haven’t been having to many issues with traffic besides my cargo vehicles, but that’s mainly because I haven’t hit the big car boom years yet. I am not looking forward to it in this map though!


    Probably it shoulb have different possibilities to install two or more stations for one city: star configuration (like Paris, for ex.) or almond style: 


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    I have tried it like that and it doesn’t really add much benefit, although I am not sure if your diagram is 4 stations to one city or 2 further ones to different cities and the middle being one city..

    So, lets say using the diagram above, that
    left is (A) is city 1,
    middle top (B) is city 2,
    middle bottom (B2) is also city 2
    right (C) city 3..

    Then, think about what the civ’s might be doing.

    • A>B civs head to work, so B is near this section of the city…great that cuts out some travel time, but to get home, they now have to go to the other station B2 across town.
    • C > B2 civs are heading to shopping lets say, but they also must go to the other station across town to get home.

    This can lead to civs taking the train to B or B2 and driving home with a car that magically appears, this is because of the added distance to the return station, unless you have a decent inner city network transferring passengers between both areas.

    I have also tried B and B2 being inline at either ends of the city, but this didn’t work out too well either, it was better since the civs could return to the same station to complete their journey, but the delay caused by stopping at another station in the same city and loading / unloading just made the line perform worse than a single station.

    Basically, I found nothing short of a large central station being the most optimal solution.


    I thought that in yhe biddle is one city only.

    But around I the city I suggested two or three station, depending already of the city dimension and geometry.

    I already bought the game but I only wiil have time to play this weekend, I hope. T.


    I had am idea, if you going to get a mega city. You know largest passenger station is 5 tracks,

    single – double – double – station entrance or I type like this

    T – TT – TT- E

    If you dont build you station against a road as guide. you rotate with n / m and the station rotates in snaps. This allows you to place two 5 track stations back to back lik so

    E – TT – TT – T|T – TT – TT – E

    you can then use the left most single track near the entrance to do a circular loop to the left containing say 3 short 2 track passenger stations along the loop. trains travel in both directions in these loops and since the loops is so tight need not be fast, they need to be fuel efficient cheap and maintenance free and might only be pullin 1 or two cars.

    And the right most single track does a loop to the right. All other tracks are the main line going out of the city.

    If you can sink these stations down into the ground the loop tracks could actually be a tunneled railroad / simulated subway. Cause if it is tunneled  then TF can build houses on the ground above the tracks. Making the city even more compact.  The advantage with railway loops is the more people in the city you just hook up more cars to the loco.

    So we have this

    E – TT – TT – T|T – TT – TT – E

    two tracks are loop tracks so it becomes

    E – LT – TT – T|T – TT – TL – E

    you need to make new double tracks with the remaining tracks.

    – – – TT – TT -|- TT – TT – – –

    And so this allows 4 double track lines to pass through the city.

    You then need to tunnel under the two stations in two places and have trams circulating under the stations between the two entrances.

    The railway loop tracks then server the central station(s) with passengers who only need to jump off the loop train walk on the platform and jump on the long distance train.


    I been reading your horror stories about 4000 pop cities and total gridlock. So I beeen thinking about nothing else then how to avoid that.

    I have a succesful game now with TGV trains and lots of trams in the cities. And almost no cars. Seems 95% of the population uses public transportation. May city is only 1100. But I can already see the trams will not work they are already too many and they are full.

    So for a 4000 pop city rail is probably the only way. I lived in Stockholm for 15 years and they have little room to expand the railway, rail comes in from 4 directions, 2 are national mainlines the other regional. But as you approach , on the way in there are many stations on the way in to thie central hub. And the railline is in a star shape and on each spoke the rail line is shared between short distance shuttle trains, intercity trains, and long distance trains.

    To have so many different line types on the same spoke, then if you do it like that in  this game all stations along the spoke probably all need to be 5 track stations. And they have a large footprint.

    Doing a star shape sounds simpler then tunelled loop tracks. I already tried tunneled loop track but dicovered you my not sink a train track or station below the water level. If you do the game start to build railway bridges when you try lay a track.

    And this was because my city was beside a river. So the only chance was to raise all ground around me, and then sink the loop track stations into the raised ground. I think that operation costed 160 – 200 million. So it is impractical near water.

    star shape is probably better.



    Also it seems pop is not very interested in moving sideways in the city. A very big part of all the motion in the city gravitates towards the central station where most connections to most other destionations are. So most motion is allready in a star shaped pattern going in and out from a central point in the town.

    If you have several train stations, short ones. Then maybe they can attract and lure pop from jamming in the center. And if that trick works, then maybe one of can figure out the optimum spacing, how many cityblocks between each station.


    The beauty of this game is: we need to think while we are playing TF.

    I just began to play, but I’ll bring my ideas.


    Everything? Including the horrible traffic jams? How about the numerous obvious oversights like truck stops not holding enough cargo to fill a single late game truck? The way the devs seem to give absolutely no feedback to the players? Are any of the more easily fixed issues even planned to be fixed? Hell if I know. Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list of issues.

    As much as I do like the game, I certainly don’t love everything about the game and it has a number of real issues.


    Well sure but it’s an obvious oversight in the base game that really should have been fixed within the first few patches imo. It shouldn’t really be up to modders to fix bugs. Although I will utilize those things so thanks for sharing.

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