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    Does Transport Fever come with a manual? If not, I am not going to buy it. I bought Train Fever expecting a manual or decent tutorial on how to play the game. I got neither. Because I bought it, I plan to hang in there with it but won’t do it again.



    I think there is Tutorials though, very basic. Start a new game that menu that first shows up has links to tutorials.

    Very basic but enough to get you started. I have the Steam Version and there is guides on there as well. Hope this helps.


    Try playng first railroad tycoon 3 the tutorial ingame of that is better than in transport fever and the two games are identical in more ways than you know it. Make railroad tycoon your manual play it it’s easier to get wqhen you get that game go to transport fever you’ll be pro. Only thing i hate bout transport fever is its more expensive to replace an aging vehicle here.


    Pro Tip: Here vehicle does not slow when aging do not replace vehicle its better to keep it running even at higher maintinance cost cause your always at the green. Only replace vehicle when a better vehicle comes up. Also do not auto replace. This is what people who have played Railroad Tycoon 3 will say

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