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    1.) option to set how many industry will be generated, since using more indutries via mods, there is no chance to get a complete, complex industry-chain fully because of missing some industries.

    2.) real flat terrain


    A few options would be nice for the generated terrain just to add some variation.

    1. Number of towns / cities (with upper limits I guess)
    2. Number of industries
    3. Percentage of water
    4. Percentage of forest coverage, just because more trees look good.
    5. Coastal Map’s


    Real flat terrain isn’t something I would desire personally, but I am guessing that has been requested due to ‘collisions’ and other line placing issues, which if tweaked / fixed would be better imho.


    I can think of a number of future improvements for the map generator. One is a four times bigger max mapsize, but that will probably need to wait until they have done some performance tuning.

    Real forests (including option that they cover most of the map) and real mountains (including vertical cliff faces, side streams with waterfalls and whitewater (locations for watermill-powered industries).

    Realistic distribution of mineral resources.

    Import/export locations at the edge of the map. Can be a seaport on a lake at map edge or a customs warehouse on a pass at a map edge.


    We really need more map options. So boring playing the same ones over and over.

    Does anyone know of some mods to improve things?

    Traian Trante

    Realistic distribution of mineral resourses, yeah…. +1. Iron mine near lake is just… weird….. The only thin weirder is an oil rig on the top of the mountain…..

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    I wonder if a bigger map would really cause performance issues, if the number of towns and industries remained the same. We would have more space between towns, which will be a problem due to the 20 minutes limit, but I am struggling sometimes to fit some complex rail-junctions between cities, especially without X junctions possible. So I would welcome some more space between cities, would even be more realistic.


    We don’t need bigger maps, we need different shapes. If they made maps that were rectangular instead of square, we could have some MUCH longer routes while keeping the same overall volume. This would be superb for anyone wanting to build a proper high speed line and maybe we’d actually have space to get to top speed!

    Traian Trante

    I want bigger maps !!! The same ammount of industires, cities, citizens, just bigger maps !!! I wouldn’t impact the cpu that much…..

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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