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    I’ve bought the game one year ago one day before it’s official release for just as low as 19.95 EUR and played over 1.000 hours already, released some mods and had fun with the game. After 1 year now (Happy Birthday TF and congratz UG) I feel I could be able to pay 20 EUR more to support the game for the next year. Now I could just pay one copy more but somehow it’s stupid to not use it then and the developers get only a few percent. As there were a crowdfunding once, is there now still an option to send some money to the developers as support (without any obligation of course)?


    Of course, simply send it to my paypal account please.

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    Nice try simon 😉

    I think DEVs must obey some legal obligations regarding their remuneration. If the game isn’t in crowdfunding state anymore, I doubt they have a right to receive money directly.

    Anyways, I think Steam also deserves a cut for keeping the PC platform alive these days.

    So buy some additional copies for your friends! :o)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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