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    I know that a Train Fever developer has informed McAfee last week that McAfee (and some other AV programs too) considers the game execute file as a virus. Now, almost one week later, this problems still exist. I dont like that, I don’t like to keep my real time AV scanner inactive as a work around to play Train Fever. Because of that I like to hear from the Train Fever developers why it takes so much time before the problems with McAfee are fixed. Who is creating this issue, the McAfee AV software or the Train Fever execute file?


    U are actually asking this question ?? Its always the fault of the AV Software !And most of the time they care nothing about false positives !

    And even in the crappy McAfee you should be able to do exclusions for certain files.


    I think it’s being reported as a virus because the game calls home even with error reporting turned off. I’d like to know why the game needs to access the internet myself when I turned off error reporting. Seems fishy to me.


    I like to know, too.   You may believe it or not LORIEN, you cannot exclude things in McAfee (at least not smthg. that would affect realtime scan.


    So this question is valid, what are the next steps regarding the issue? any Feedback yet from McAfee? And if not, what are the plans from Urban Games to mitigate ?



    We’ve contacted McAfee several times, their support does not really have a clue. That’s why we also asked Steam what we could do about this. Their response was, that we should wait 1-2 weeks. It usually takes some time until they whitelist steam games.

    About the internet use with the error reporting turned off. We do use the steam user-stats and achievement system, this does also use the connection. On our side, we only get the crash dumps if your game crashes and your error reporting is on. 


    Well fair enough.  Thanks Mikael for that Statement.  That shows at least that someting is in progess.

    We will keep you posted if the issue wont be solved within the next week.


    But I appreciate that you communicate with us, so we know something is happening behind the scenes  (and dont get me wrong, it should be in your vested interest that people can play your game, and participate in spreading the word about it positively 😀 )

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    About the internet use with the error reporting turned off. We do use the steam user-stats and achievement system, this does also use the connection. On our side, we only get the crash dumps if your game crashes and your error reporting is on.

    Thank you for explaining that mikael. That had me wondering what was going on with this game since it has the problems that it does but now I understand. My game laggs a lot and was wondering if that was part of the reason for the lag but I guess my quad core with a GeForce GTX 650 Ti isn’t good enough to run this game well. Hopefully you guys can get some optimization going to get it to run better because it gets very annoying playing it like it is now and if it continues this way, I don’t see me playing it for very long.

    If feel it’s a good game but after playing TTD and Locomotion, I don’t consider this game a very good train game because of the limitation of the cargo and goods. While others might enjoy watching a bunch of trains with 4-6 cars running around, I’d rather see longer trains with a hell of a lot more cars on them.

    I hope to see further development of this game and it gets the features needed to make it a high quality game because the possibilities are there, they just need to be implemented.


    To TrainFever devs:

    These things may (and probably will) happen in the future too as you release new updates to your game. I would strongly recommend you to get a digital certificate and start certifying your binaries. Heck, even your main executable doesnt have the file version info (?!) AV compaines like certificates because they are easy to whitelist so you would solve the false detection issue once for all.


    (source: Im a malware analyst working for an AV company)
    PS: Great game 🙂


    Thank you mikael for your responce. I like Train Fever and hope for the devs and game community that this game shall be very successful.


    To all Mcafee Users!

    I use Mcafee Virusscan Enterprise at my workplace computer.The only thing that prevents Mcafee of deleting the Trainfever.exe is to turn it off.Turn off On Access Scanner and Access Protection while you install/play the game.I’m sure this game is a false alert.
    I’ve been playing it for 60 hours without any problems.If you use corporate version of Mcafee Antivirus which is controlled by Mcafee Shield/Agent by a central server, contact your system admin to turn it off.
    I left this message in another topic earlier.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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