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    I’m a bit busy now but what can I help you with?


    I Keep getting this message that says

    File: res/config/costs.lus

    res/config/costs.lua:2: syntax error near char(147)


    My file is like this:

    function data()

    require “cost_mod”


    return {

    — per m^3

    terrainRaise = 6.0,

    terrainLower = 7.0,


    railroadTrack = 50.0,– per m

    railroadHighSpeedTrack = 80.0,– per m

    railroadCatenary = 15.0,– per m

    railroadSwitch = 5000.0,– per instance

    railroadBridge = 10000.0,– per instance

    railroadBridgeVol = 11.0,– per m^3

    railroadTunnel = 25000.0,– per instance

    railroadTunnelLen = 1000.0,– per m


    — fraction of the road cost

    roadBusLane = .1,

    roadTramLane = .4,



    I am also new to this stuff


    File: res/config/costs.lua*


    I’m not sure what it is you are trying to do?

    To install the mod just unzip and drop the folder to your Train Fever\mods\ folder
    To configure, edit the values in the mod’s config/config.lua file.

    You should not edit any other files!

    Unfortunately I don’t own this thread so I can’t edit the install instruction (the one here is outdated!)
    The “official” page, with an up-to-date instruction, can be found here:


    If yo use TFGM as mod manager, it handles all of this automatically for you. You can even configure the mod without any scripting through TFGM’s Mod Configuration UI.


    I can’t use TFGM and when I drag the mods into the mod folders and unzip them, the mods don’t show up in the actual game


    Yes, TFGM only works on Windows systems, so if you are using Linux or Mac you can’t use it.

    Just moving the mod to the mods folder only makes it visible in TF’s mod manager. You still need to tell TF that you want to use the mod too (activate it).

    Start TF.

    Go to “New Game”

    Click the “Advanced” tab.

    Now you should see two list boxes, to the left the available not yet active mods. To the right the selected and activated mods. Use the arrow buttons to move mods between them.

    Press start to begin a new game with the active mods.

    However, if you run Windows, you can activate the mods in TFGM by selecting the installed mods and press the activation button. TFGM have an 80+ pages PDF manual for download from TFGM’s “official” page:





    So I am on windows and when I tried to load the files, It says:

    Train fever executable could not be found:

    C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Train Fever/Trainfever.exe

    Train fever settings file could not be found:

    C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/<?>/304730/local/settings.lua

    Invalid characters in file name.

    When I loaded up the game, I couldn’t find any mods in advanced and to the left box. Also the file for your Timeless mods couldn’t be found, but when I have it for TFMM, I have the timeless mod ready


    Are you using Steam or GOG?




    TFGM generates log files that I might be interested to see. It might be a bug in TFGM and I need to see the log files to understand what’s going on.

    If you have an account on transportfever.net it would be better to have this conversation in private. I’m Gwinda there as well, just send me an PM.

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