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    Hey guys, like most of you, I am suffering from late game performance issues due to the population being too high.

    If you have this problem, this mod will halve the population capacity for all buildings and increase performance. The good thing about this is the number of buildings should not decrease (meaning, your city will still feel big), just with fewer people in each building.

    Put “buildingutil.lua” in Train Fever/res/scripts after backing up the original file.

    Link: Download


    One draw down: Using the mod may result in unrealistic super tall skyscrapers spawning everywhere. If this keeps on happening, you may need to use the following version where I disable all skyscrapers altogether. All buildings will be limited to around 10 stories high. I know this is harsh, but to get better performance you may need to compromise.

    Link: Download


    Final note: I think the mod might only work on new buildings built after the mod is installed. If you see this is the case, just delete residential buildings in your cities and let the game rebuild them. Warning: do not delete all residential buildings in a city or the game will crash.

    Please discuss it here, as well as any other temporary solutions to late game performance issues. Cheers.

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    I think on the back-flip with lower density in Core-Areas, your Running-Cost for public transport is increasing far to high to make a good profit.


    the mod is good for late game when you have a profitable system but huge lag


    You can make it compatible with TF Mod Manager quite easily and perhaps post it on

    Create the folder structure like:

    BuildingDensityMod\res\scripts\ buildingutil.lua

    Also include a file:

    With contents like:
    name = Building Density Mod
    author = stevendshen
    version = 0.1

    Zip the folder and now its MM compatible 😉 which takes care of installing it / backing up and disabling it if required.

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