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    You have probably seen them on my screen shots and since I’m playing on a highres monitor, HUD icons are just annoying small. In this mod I have redrawn the most HUD icons not only in size, but also in style.
    I have not updated any Cargo icons yet.

    Download the mod from Train-fever.net or directly from my Dropbox.


    • All depots and station icons are larger and using the same symbology as in the Large UI mod.
    • The smaller vehicle icons are the same size but retouched to be more sharp and clear.
    • The one way signal have an easy to spot icon.

    This mod supports the mod manager.

    Manual install
    Make a backup of your Train Fever res/texture/ui folder (and subfolders) if you want.Drop the “res” folder in this Zip archive to your Train Fever root folder, usually named “Train Fever”.Overwrite all files when prompted.UNINSTALL
    Use the mod manager to uninstall.

    Manual uninstall
    Select “Verify integrity of game cache…” from the Steam client to get a fresh TF copy (will restore ALL TF files, even other mods)…or just move back your backup ui folder.Enjoy!

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