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    Hey all, is it yet possible to modify the goods requirements for the cities?

    I’ve found the lua file for making them grow faster, and start bigger, but nothing about how many goods they demand.

    I’d like to boost it by about 10x… That way, it wouldn’t be possible to supply 4-5 towns from one oil refinery.


    I’d like to know also if that is possible, the demand is way too low. The map usually creates so many industries that it’s not possible to use them all, especially if you use long goods trains.


    You can lower the amount of industries so there are fewer, the setting to change is game.config.world which is in the base_config.lua file.


    Where did you find the lua file for making them grow faster, and start bigger Cosmicspacehead.

    Traian Trante

    the file you need to modify is: res/scripts/buildingutil.lua.


    find inside that the 4 functions like:      buildingutil.make_industrial_0_default() ,  buildingutil.make_industrial_1_default() , 




    inside each functions there is a line:         capacity = { 1, 4 },

    change that 1,4 to 1,20



    1,4 means a certain building will demand 1 to 4 goods. 1, 20 will make that building demand from 1 to 20 goods, depending on the development level of that building



    Hope this helps…

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    Thanks, that seems to work well. Increasing goods demand seems to make bigger towns in the beginning aswell. I increased capacities so that I had 3000-4000 population in the cities and goods demand was about 180-230.

    Traian Trante

    Personally i modded all my vehicles so they carry 25% of the current capacity. I definitely can’t supply more than 5 towns with one industy even using the most complicated rail network i can build. It makes for a very interesting gameplay….


    Train Trante you mean train wagons/cars  right?


    I’m thinking of doing that too, because i hate how most of my trains carry only just a handful of cars, which makes it look lame and unnecessary.

    Did you also modify road vehicles accordingly to 1/4 capacity too?

    Traian Trante

    Yeah, i made a little script that divides by 4 all the capacities (buses, trams, trucks, trains). It works great. This way I at least get to play with long trains…. However the map is not big enough to allow for long trains; it completely breaks my immersion.


    Modifying buildingutil.lua doesn’t seem to work any more, as of the most recent patch.


    I really need a way of increasing Goods demand in towns – it’s crazy low by default like 30-40. I have 1 Steel Mill supplying 5 towns and it still says “Try to deliver more goods”. Trains carrying 8 boxes of goods just makes it unprofitable. You’re forced to use trucks – but this game is TRAIN fever, not Truck fever :-/


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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