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    Is someone able to make a mod for unlimited time for Cargo instead of the 20 minutes. I have a look through the files but i couldn’t find the time limit. It could be hard coded. It would be great if someone could make a mod.


    Ive heard it’s not possible atm, but i think the limit was set due to it making people do more of the traveleing themselfes or something atleast it’s not possible atm.


    Just think about it. With no limit, people will go all over the map. I understand the wish for such thing but what about peformance? Do you think your computer can handle so many agents?


    I could be wrong ofc but isn’t there a limit to how many agents there are in the first place? What does that have to do with the 20 minutes limit?


    Simply consider it. With no restriction, individuals will go everywhere. I comprehend the wish for such thing however shouldn’t something be said about peformance? Do you think your PC can deal with such a large number of specialists?



    Computationally it should not be too much of a problem (if done properly): computign paths over a larger distance might take a little longer, but should not be impossible. I don’t know how they simulate passengers, but once a destination is established (randomly?) and a path chosen (fastest?) the agent simply follows its path until destination. Calculating a path is therefore only a minimal part of the time. However, I do not think that for passengers it is a good idea… it replaces most of the incentive to have a well connected and efficient network: the  farthest (and quickest) I can bring customers within 20 minutes the more money I do. For cargo, this could be a good idea, though.


    I don’t know why they start each map with industries turned “on” anyway. To me, I would have them “idle” until hooked up to a route.

    It would be great to have longer industry routes.


    Currently if the 20min rule is relaxed for cargo it would increase the the distance that cargo would be able to automatically ‘walked’ to a destination.  This would render any short distance freight transportation redundant.

    Also I am not sure if it would possible to change the 20min for freight transport without this affecting all other transport modes.  This would then render most of our city passenger transportation redundant!

    So, beware what you wish for!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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