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    Timeless mod on Train-Fever.net
    Timeless mod on Steam


    It would be great If someone could send me a German translation, thank you.

    Train Fever 5399 or above.


    This mod enable all vehicles, roads, stations, cars, buildings etc. at the same time or linear with no expiration time. It can also adjust the lifespan with a factor.
    This mod works on both vanilla and non-vanilla models. This mod can be combined with the cost_mod without interference.

    This mod has been rewritten for the new mod system and no Lua console should be used at all. Just follow the instructions below.

    The timeless mod is written for the new mod system and must not be copied into the res folder, as before.

    Manual install
    Unzip the archive in [tt]Train Fever/mods/[/tt] folder.
    Start TF and activate the mod before playing.

    TFGM install
    Drag & drop the archive to TFGM.
    Enable the mod
    Start TF and activate the mod before playing.

    The good news with the new mod system is that no files are being modified. This makes it easy and safe to remove the mod at any time.

    Manual uninstall
    Simply delete the the [tt]Train Fever/mods/gwinda_timeless_mod_x[/tt] folder where x is the mod’s major version number.

    TFGM uninstall
    Simply select the mod and press disable.
    The mod is kept in TFGM’s internal library and can be enabled again at any time. To completely remove it from library select the mod and press uninstall.

    The new mod system doesn’t have the same rich support as TFGM have and TFGM has not yet been updated to solve this new issue.
    To edit the lifespan and time modes you will find the configuration file here:
    Train Fever/mods/gwinda_timeless_mod_x/res/scripts/timeless_mod_config.lua where x is the major version of the mod.

    The configuration file decides what time mode to play with and/or the age ratio of all vehicles.
    There are two main variables; To and From that controls, independent of each other, when Vehicles
    will appear and disappear from production. Ageing is also an independent variable that act as a
    factor to multiplied with the Vehicle’s Life span.

    Controls when vehicles will start to appear.
    From = Disable All Vehicles available from start.
    From = Original Vehicles will appear without modification.

    Controls when vehicles will be out of production.
    To = Original Vehicles will be taken out of production without modification.
    To = Infinite Vehicles will never be taken out of production.

    This is a factor to control how fast the vehicles will age.

    0, Disable or Infinite = the lifetime is infinite
    0.5 = 50% the lifetime is 50% shorter (half)
    1.0 = 100% the life time is unchanged
    2.0 = 200% the lifetime is doubled

    A filter for each rail and tram types can be created. If empty all type will be included,
    but if you only want to include locomotives of a specific engine type, you can create a filter:
    Filter[‘RAIL’] = ‘STEAM’ will only include Steam locomotives.
    Filter[‘RAIL’] = ‘DIESEL’ will only include Diesel locomotives.

    Any of the engine types can be combined:
    Filter[‘RAIL’] = ‘STEAM,HORSE,DIESEL’ will include all locomotives except ELECTRIC.
    Filter[‘TRAM’] = ‘HORSE’ will include horse powered trams.
    Valid filter options are HORSE,STEAM,DIESEL and ELECTRIC. They can be in CAPS, small or CaMeL separated by any character.
    At this point, the filters are applied only to trams and trains (not busses or trucks)

    Configuration examples
    Example 1; Vehicles will appear as normal but never taken out of production:
    From = Original
    To = Infinite
    Filter[‘TRAM’] = ” — (empty string) Include all trams
    Filter[‘RAIL’] = ” — (empty string) Include all locomotives

    Example 2; All vehicles will appear and never taken out of production:
    From = Disable
    To = Infinite[/code]
    Filter[‘TRAM’] = ‘HORSE’ — Include only HORSE trams
    Filter[‘RAIL’] = ” — (empty string) Include all locomotives

    Example 3; All vehicles will appear (excluding DIESEL and ELECTRIC trams and trains) and never taken out of production:
    From = Disable
    To = Infinite
    Filter[‘TRAM’] = ‘HORSE,STEAM’ — Include only HORSE and STEAM trams
    Filter[‘RAIL’] = ‘HORSE,STEAM’ — Include only HORSE and STEAM locomotives

    After any changes, save the file and create a new game or reload your save game (No need to re-enable or restart TF in between).

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    For some reason I can’t edit my own post!
    Here are the link to this mod:

    Dropbox (Windows)
    Dropbox (All platforms)


    Look up in your title . The edit button should be covering [MOD]

    Also, this mod caused my game to be very laggy and unplayable. I have a quad core w/ 8g ram and Geforce w/ 2g vram. I’d liike to have all vehicles available but can’t use this. thanks any ways…


    I’m not convinced that the lag problem is entirely this mod’s fault. I have never heard anyone else report this problem. All this mod does is to tell TF that all vehicles should be available. There is no Lua code from this mod running when you play. My guess is that all vehicles are loaded, but there are others with a lot of vehicles mod’s running, without any complaints at all.

    Are you sure you run TF on the GeForece card an not on a built in Intel chip or similar. There is really nothing I can do to improve performance since there is no mod code running.


    Yeah, no problem man. I don’t like most of them anyway. There’s no american stock. When I tried this, I just got the game and didn’t know anything about it so I might have screwed something up. You never know. I’ll try it again sometime to see it if does it again but right now, it doesn’t matter.


    cost mod+this mod= SANDBOX MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I allways want sandbox





    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


    I got a bit to crazy


    so how do i install? D:




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    how do you get to ?/train fever/


    FOUND IT !


    So finally, Timeless v3.0 for the new mod system.

    Traian Trante

    Gwinda, about your cost mod: can you expand that so that we can reduce / expand automatically the cargo space of the wagons/trucks just like we can do now with maintenance ? And sorry for posting in the wrong thread; too lazy to find the proper one…. 😛



    Version 4.0 released!

    You can now add a filter if you only want to play with Steam, Diesel, Electric or horse powered Trams and trains. See description and config file for more info.

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    I am having trouble configuring this mod.

    What i want is all vehicles from the start and never expire or age. Can someone please tell me what i need to input into the config file.


    Why does my game crash when i try to open it????


    I have now uploaded v4.1 tested on build 7753.
    By default everything is unlocked and no ageing.

    Added support for:

    * Railway catenary
    * Tram Catenary
    * High speed tracks
    * Bus lanes


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