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    Someone just pointed out how to do this on my previous thread, so I thought I’d share my quick little modification to the game. No more nagging pop ups about replacing your vehicles! At least, not for 3500000 years.

    Trains, buses, trucks and train cars.



    Have you tried this mod or the cost_mod? My game ran decent and loaded decent. I played a game and got to 1900. I went to bed and left it running to see what it would do. When I got up it was at 2186. It still ran and loaded decent.

    I also had this installed on my second drive which is partitioned 4 ways so it was on my F drive and it ran fine.

    I heard about these mods and tried them. I installed this Timeless_mod and the cost_mod and after that it took forever to load a savedgame or start a new game. And the game ran very slow in general. Really bad.

    I ended up having to reinstall it a few times and then install it on my C drive before I noticed a change back to how it played before. It’s finally playing better now after like 2 hours of screwing with it after using these 2 mods.

    Also, now I don’t see the cargos walking anywhere at all. Not even before or after they’re loaded.

    I would be careful using them so what happened to me doesn’t happen to you.


    I just realized why I don’t see the cargos walking. I forgot I had to check the box to see them. DOH!! So atleast that wasn’t caused by the mods.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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