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    Question: can a modified map cause TF to stop working correctly ?….

    I have been using modded maps for a while now without any problem. With my current modded map however something peculiar is happening. I think i know all about the various reasons why production can come to a halt ( inadvertedly placing a pax station where it really should be a cargo station is a nice one… ;-). The problem is that production has indeed stopped but i cannot find any reason why…

    I use AIM 0.51 which has always worked great. I have raw materials delivered by rail and, for the time being, one city to deliver the goods, also by rail. Works fine. I put the game in fast forward with the production menu on screen and just watch it. Starts at 15 and quickly runs up to 25. Then, instead of running up to 50, it starts to deteriorate even more quickly to 0….

    Really never seen that before without a good reason for it. If would be another matter if production didn’t start at all but it runs fine for a while and then suddenly stops…

    It’s true that some of the raw material lines almost run up to 20 minutes, 19 minutes in fact. First time for me because the map has industry on top of hills but also down in valleys. Could that have something to do with it ? ( i know about having a second train running to cut the time in half )

    Would love to know if it could be the map or this 20 minutes thing causing production to deteriorate all of a sudden.

    Thanks for any hints/tips !


    I think that the 20 minute rule considers the total time spent for a piece of goods from origin to destination and that includes:

    1. Time from industry to platform in origin (you can see that packets actually “walks” from industry to platform if you turn display of cargo packets on)
    2. Time waiting for the train to arrive.
    3. Travel time.
    4. Time from platform in destination to industry.

    So you have to be well under 20 minutes in line frequency to fulfil the requirements.  For instance, a line with a frequency of 19 minutes, accounts on average for a 9 and a half minute wait at origin platform.  And you have to add times in items 1, 3 and 4.

    The game probes the chain and when it sees that you aren’t reaching the targets in time, it gets cut off.  Or at least I understand it that way.

    Another source can be that if you have automatic replacement turned on, cargo is lost when replacing and that counts towards cutting off a line.




    Thanks! In the almost 2 years i played TF (on and off) i never had to deal with this 20 minutes restriction. Very easy to deal with, isn’t it. I am finally confronted with it because of this modded map i’m trying. It has its main industry on top of a mountain and for delivery of raw materials i want to use railway. Nice challenge to get it from the valley to the top of the mountain. Takes a long time of course certainly still in the 19th century.

    I got the longest time back to 17 minutes. What i don’t understand is why it works until production reaches 27% and then stops. One would think that if it’s the time restriction why does it work in the first place ?…. So that’s what makes me think that there’s something wrong with this modded map. If that’s possible anyhow…

    A truly big challence was also the Grand Canyon map. Got it all working. Great fun!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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