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    I have a question as to mods/ mod tools.


    Will mods only allow for say new models which I cant wait for what the community will create.  Will it though.. allow someone to change how to the game operates with trains? What do I mean you ask.

    I ask that if someone would be able to modify what a train does when it gets to a station, or perhaps when dealing with the coal mine.  Example. (multi example at that)

    There is Station 1,Station 2, Station 3, Yard X, Mine C, Manufacturing M, Oil facility O.  For this example lets just have the location of C, M, O all in a relative location near each other.  There is 1 track leading away from all the facilities. These tracks all come together heading towards Station 1, but inbetween station 1 and the facilities(C,M,O) there is Yard X.  Yard X in this would be a storage/ Classification yard.

    Now trains coming from  C, M, O, are all independent trains.  When the get to Yard X  the trains separate onto several lets say 6 tracks.  Train from C on track 2, Train from M on track 4 and Train from O on track 5. These engines would roll forward after leaving their consists back onto the main track through the yard and go back to their respective facility.

    Now lets say all these consists need to be assembled and traken out on the main line to stations 2 and 3.  There are already trains running passanger routes through stations 1-3.  Now to keep down the congestion of train traffic a single locomotive, or perhaps a dual locomotive set comes in and switches tracks and grabs all train cars in order in which is to be dropped off.  Cargo from M,O needs to go to station 2, and C needs to go to station 3.  Dual locomotive set gets all train cars formed together to fit 1 full consist and rolls out to drop off freight at the determined stations.

    Would it be possible to have a modder change how, and where train cars can be dropped, assembled etc?

    Could they potentially code a train to leave a station to find a turntable or loop track to either push a train, or get to the other end to pull?

    I realize this isnt going to be in game, but will the mod tools be able to let modders do it, or as I wondered would it only be for models?

    Sorry if my idea sounds a bit crazy, but I’m just looking to see if someone would potentially create a railroad realistic simulator to how RR’s work.




    hard to say if it´s possible to change the train behavior before release. Modders have to take a look “inside” the game to answer your question.

    The only thing i could say is, that there are model-mods in progress at this time.


    I understand models are a go for modding, but i was wondering if the devs could put some input on what modders can do.


    I think the devs will only make it easy for modders to put I.E. new train models in the game.

    To change the behaviour of trains you need to mess about with the code I think. I doubt it that the devs will make it ‘easy’ for someone to change the code, just because they probably don’t expect anyone to change the AI’s behaviour.


    I think that, if you’d really want what you just said, you’ll have to ask the devs themselves to make difficulty levels just like SM RailRoads has for example. It had an ”easy” mode, a ”medium” mode and a ”hard” mode.

    In easy trains would just become ghosts and go trough each other,

    in medium one train would stop and the other would go trough the stopped train,

    on hard trains couldn’t go trough each other and you’d need to make sidings (which was kind of impossible due to the moronic and old AI system [”Oh, there’s a train on that track, but not on this track. Let’s go to the track with the train on it :DDDD”]).


    A ”Super-Hard” mode in TF would be nice. I’m not a big fan of trains just doing a 180 and going the other way, just like you’d like a very complex shutter system.


    And maybe if you want a super complex and complicated AI system you could try A-Train. I literaly gave up on that game. It was so complex that I didn’t even understand it, but on the other hand, I loved it how train drove backwards and you could place them on sidings.


    But as I said,I think it’s best to ask the devs for a complex system instead of a modder, since they know how the code works (I hope :P).


    Well I would hope a dev would respond XP


    NeighborKid,  This game is meant to be played as it is set out to do from what I have seen so far. What you are asking for is something a lot more complex. If this is the kind of game/simulator you are wanting, then I suggest you buy Trainsimulator 13 or the latest version TS14 due out shortly.

    This game is built on similar lines to CIM & CIM2, but with the emphasis on railways to connect between various towns on the huge map, which will grow as the game progresses. A bit different than CIM, where you provide transport links just within a large city area.

    It might be called Train Fever, but it is not meant to be a train simulator. Trains are just meant to transport passengers and goods from place to place and from industry to the towns and factories


    He did not at all ask to drive trains, so I definitly don’t see how TS is in any way relevant other than that both games have trains in them…

    He’s asking for a more complex way to transport goods from point A to B.


    What Berry said. I’m not asking to drive I’m asking to manage my train operations for shunting and movement of freight.  Would be nice not to see my train just do an instant 180 to start driving the opposite direction, and it would be cool to have trains assemble them selves in a yard to take out your mixed goods train.


    Yes I know you weren’t asking to be able to drive trains, but to improve the way the trains perform at their destinations. Whether or not it will be possible to do what you ask, regarding multiple sidings and shunting of wagons etc in to assembled consists, I’m not sure. I suppose it depends whether the game has been designed for this to happen later on as it develops. But I agree, a closed loop might be possible to try out by one of the beta tester’s to see if it is possible.


    Ok I discussed a similar mode of operation on another thread. In theory, it is possible to mod the game, providing we have some form of control over train instructions. However, the possibility of being able to detach a locomotive from its train and the have it re-attach comes down to persistence.

    Persistence is something we call in the game industry as an object that remains in a given state no matter what the circumstances. This means that for Train Fever, a train must continue to exist whether it has a locomotive or not and from what I’ve seen to-date, I’ve not seen any evidence that a train is persistent in Train Fever.

    Additionally, to have such operations as you describe would require a much more complex signalling system than is presently available, and perhaps possible. It would require a networking system for each signal as each signal would need to talk to its neighbouring signal and that talk to its neighbouring signal and so on. So that the signals know the position and state of each train on the railway network. Once you’re able to do that, you can then code some intelligence into the system so that trains without a locomotive can be stationed in sidings and even marshalled, so they can be protected by signals without affecting the operation and function of running trains.

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    Steve, I guess you wrote a superb idea for a mod/DLC 😀

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