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    Just a little thread about what i would like to see added into the game. Feel free to add onto this.

    1) More Complex Industry and Production: Add much more industries into the game and add in different chains. Force cities to require different resources besides just goods. Flesh out what ‘goods’ are defined as. This is the thing I (and most likelly alot) of people would like to see. I can work on a freight chain and put a link below whenever I make the chain. If it is not hard to add things into the game (from what ive seen its mostlly in .lua so shouldnt be that hard) I can try to make something of this. Since more industries and cargo is a needed addon.

    2) More vehicles: Road vehicles and Rail vehicles should seriouslly be expanded upon. I know of people reskinning the current trains ingame and adding in some more (such as American Mod Pack), but I feel alot of work still needs to be put in by people to make a comprehensive set of vehicles. Bottom line of this; we need more vehicles..

    3) Shipping: I love seeing the rivers in the map and realizing i cant use it as a way of transporting stuff.. This would be categorized into the more vehicles suggestion. Having the ability to transport people and freight on ships would add a bit more flavor to the game. Moreover, If this can be implemented so that natural cargo flow takes advantage of rivers (such as in railroad tycoon 3) this could allow for freight to go much farther and work better on its own imo.

    4) Add in editable start date. This might be more of needed by developers themselves, but being able to start in any year you want should just be a thing in my opinion. I would love to start in the modern day from the getgo, rather then just sitting idley for about an hour waiting from 1950 to 2014.

    Leave feedback people. And tell me what you think and what you would add on to this list.



    1)  This has already been created with Gwinda’s cargo mod, which is a 12 step chain, although it does end in goods.   I suppose it would be nice to have towns demand food, or cars, but that would quite an extensive modification to work out the demands.  How the city demands goods pretty complcated already.

    2) I agree there could be a few more trains throughout history, but hopefully mods will sort that out.  I imagine there will be DLC incoming which could be disapointting.  I would like to see a few more trains to the vanilla game.

    3) I don’t want shipping, or planes.  This is train fever!

    4) Definitely.  Just a dropdown would do, can’t think that would be too tricky to implement.

    A lot of your points aren’t really points for mods, more for the devs to implement to the game currently.


    I agree with the 4th point. Just like citites in motion to set the start date is a good way.


    Hm…. I think all train packs should be a sticky.  We got a good amount so far.. American, South American, Russian, UK.. i think is some where.. Czech, Polish..    I’m sure German and others will pop up!.



    my ideas:

    Editable start date from 1800 every year (only horse vehicle and rail)

    game speed –  one day optimal 6-12 seconds, but this speed of object in map and the dynamics of city development

    route planning before the final position in the field fraction of the cost


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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