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    Since the NDA has been lifted from the beta, perhaps someone who’s been in on the beta could share some of their findings.

    • What tools are needed?
    • What file formats does the mod contain?
      – for 3D model
      – for texture
    • What measurement should be used for the model? Real world meter/foot?
    • What’s the ideal texture resolution?
    • Should vehicles have inventory or will an exterior model do?
    • How is the 3D model set up in terms of joints, bogies and wheels?

    Yes could do with some information on that myself. I suspect some sort of 3D modelling application (3DS Max, Blender, etc) and texture creation app (Photoshop) would be useful.

    Course much of what you’re asking depends whether they’re using a bespoke graphics engine or not, which I suspect is the case here. In which case we’d probably need details on:

    • Proprietary exporters for meshes and animations required
    • Animation requirements such as IK, TCB Rotations, etc.
    • Proprietary shaders and their configurations
    • Particle emitter setup and configuration
    • Mesh vertex and/or polygon limits per object
    • Mesh hierarchy requirements for animating objects

    I would suspect, based on other games, that Direct3D dds textures would be the format of choice given the support for normal and cube maps but would depend entirely on the shader requirements.

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    Just to throw a few more points at this, prompted from another thread, we could also use some details on:

    • Supported scripting language including game specific syntax (in the case of lua being the language of choice)
    • Some indication as to limitations of script control over game objects
    • Are custom user interfaces plausible


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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