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    will the game be moddeble
    like Transfrom tycoon/Chris sawyerĀ“s locomotion/simcity 4/afew other sim. games i know can be


    so if you wanted to have a train from UK
    you can Download it or Make it then maybe upload it somewhere(like if the game coming to steam the game can have a workshop for the mods)


    In any case, we plan to support modding (adding user-created vehicles)


    if this game will be something like transport tycoon+ can be modeble
    finnaly a “good” Sim. game in ages with up to data graphics
    the last “Good” was Simcity 4 (in my option)


    Guys, I really hope what your modding tools for adding vehicles will work with 3DsMAX… šŸ˜€ Just now we have plugin for import animated models in CiM, but it plugin for Blender. But Blender after 3DsMAX it’s… well, it’s don’t good. %))


    Well, currently they’re working with Softimage and 3DsMax. But basically it’s an .obj and .dae import. This should work with the most 3D tools.


    got also a other questing i forgot to ask about for modding:
    will there be Steam workshop where you can download/Upload mods
    or a site made just for that

    or will it be like some games where its sometimes really hard to find mods since they are spread all over the internet so not even google will help you there and this happens if modders dont have a place to upload/Download stuff for the game

    dont needing to have a server full of peopleĀ“s mods but more like a place where ppl can Give the Download links (like dropbox or mediafire) as a forum(maybe use this one) or ppl can submit download Links to a mod for the game
    where they submit a mod with giving the link and upload 1-3 images (via imgur or something like that)

    so its easyer to browser mods and find what you needing then search in a forum (like if someone not have posted in a thread for a mod in long time its harder to find that mod)


    or just something so it wont up up like:

    the 2d fighter engine: M.U.G.E.N

    Simcity 4 from afew year since
    and some other moddeble games

    where it is basely impossible to find a mod for a game you know exist and is released but canĀ“t find it again

    and kinda dont want that to happen again with this game so thats why i ask

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    Hi on mariodk,

    just a remark to your post.
    Personally, I hope that there will be a possibility to stay away from steam at all. On Steam I saw the fall of two very nice games, CiM2 and Civ5.

    Both games were sequels to very successful games as a result of a strongly modding community. When transferred to steam, the mod number decreased to a minimum and the community started to leave the games.
    You have to follow the modders attempts for CiM2 (by eis_os), which vere driving crazy even the best of them due to a unmoddable configuration of the Unity platform.

    For Urban games I can state my opinion, which I surely share with others: I will buy all the DLCs no matter how they are distributed and no matter how many MODs there are around. It is an expression, that we appreciate projects, which try to make good games in this genre. Because we know, that today the sale of DLCs is necessary to survive…



    [Sim Transport veteran ;-)]



    Oliver, problem with modding not in Steam. For example, Kerbal Space Program or EuroTrucksSim2 sold in Steam, but this games have very many mods.

    Steam is very comfortably for buying games – it international. For example, CiM2 don’t publish in CIS, so if not for Steam – russian community just would be unable to buy the game. So I really hope to Steam.


    We’ve told many times that our goal is to support modding shortly after the release. This gives us some time to think about “modding” platforms. A good solution would be to integrate the steam workshop, other possibilitiesĀ are also contemplated.


    my hopes for modding it will mainly be:
    no super hard Coding to do if just adding train/train cars/busses/trunks/trams Ā and later planes/ships (since i kinda already made afew trains/train cars models not so much made for this game but i can easy make them low poly if needed to)


    but also possible to do mods like: gameplay modes,add you own train track,make controlable trains/busses/trunks so you can self drive them and so on

    instead of only add Trains/busses/trunks since that open up for alot of things you can do with this game and the game will be fun to play even longer time mainly cuz of mods

    and the other hope i have is
    you will not needing to go search on google/youtube in hours to find 1 mod you know exists&is released

    but got 1 place to browser&search for the mods

    ofc ppl feel free to upload anywhere they want but if they got 1 place to upload stuff it becoming much more easyer to find the mods


    thats mainly my biggest hopes for mobbing on this game

    the better mod support the longer time the game canĀ survive like minecraft,openTTD,locomotive and so on

    so i hope there will good mod support so you can do almost any kinda of mod to you game you can think of


    but lets see so far the game even without mods seems really good but still games like this one is kinda the genre of games that is built for to be modded



    This is, what it makes me believe in your project! And as Alex wrote, both ways are suitable.

    But there are current products, which simply forgot about that. And now you can forget about the product.

    šŸ™‚ or šŸ™

    Your approach is positive and for me it is a pity, I missed the crowdfunding phase…

    Have a nice day


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