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    So lately I’ve started playing Train Fever again and once again I am disappointed by just how little the community add Original American Mods to the game.  The only site that there is for good Train Fever mods is a German site with a ton of Reskins (which don’t interest me) and 10 or 20 original items that I already have.  Along with the generic USA DLC I don’t have what I consider to be a very interesting game.

    I LOVE Train Fever.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s just the community doesn’t have any interest in making some good quality American mods.  They just focus on simple reskins that I could probably knock out in an hour.  I would love to see a completely new set of equipment and buildings so I and many others can play on a much more realistic scale.


    Not only does this site that I go to lack any variety of American models, but the bulk of the content is based on European equipment.  Sure i don’t mind all the British and German equipment, but at least have just as much American Content as well.  Sadly the only complete set of American content is the “Alaska Railroad Alpha ModPack” and almost all of the reskins that other people make come from that pack.

    If I could make anything American I would, but I can’t.  I would love to have someone come up with some Original American Content so we can even out the balance of German and British content out there.


    I get your point. But I think you’ll get more response posting this on the forums to be honest. That’s where the modders hang.


    That said, I also get why people aren’t making mods of American trains. There’s hardly any american modders as far as I know. If they exist, they’ve yet to post anything or make themselves visible to the rest of us. The game in general seems to have way more interest in Europe, thus why you’re seeing mostly European material.

    I can only speak for myself, but I’m not interested in making any mods except what I know from Norway as that’s my home country. And I’m quite sure most of the modders are the same. They want to make mods they can relate to, just like you can relate best to American stuff. That’s terrible news for you obviously. And I’m sorry there’s no american modders. And if there are, it’s too bad they’re not publishing their work.

    Making just one simple mod can take tens of hours. Finding blueprints, measurements and other information, reference photos, modeling and texturing. And the last bit, getting the mod into the game… I spent close to 50-60 hours alone on just a single locomotive last summer. So of course I want to make something I’d like to see in-game and not do mods I would never use myself.

    The exception is I made the Zephyr for the USA DLC. I thought of it as a challenge and I was really looking forward to the DLC in general.

    It all comes down to how much time a modder want to invest in time. Since we’re not allowed to sell mods, it’s harder to justify so many hours gone to ‘nothing’ but the pleasure of others.

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    I have to agree with olahaldor.

    But i also want to add that if you are really interested in american mod, you should think of doing one yourself. This is just a matter of patience and motivation with every tutorial/guide/etc you can find on internet. I have learned how to make a 3d model and a texture from scratch to help the only other modder who was working on French material for train fever. Just find something fairly easy to start with, don’t hesitate to ask for help on the forum.


    Have to agree with the others I’m afraid. Modders only have so much time on their hands and tend towards locomotives from their home nations, the things they saw on the railways while growing up. If the game can attract modders from America, then I’m sure there will be American mods (I think this may be why the only official DLC released for this game was the American set, but I don’t think it succeeded in raising interest in the game enough over there).


    My 2 cents

    As an American,  I like the European look and feel.

    I have spent years modeling and building American themed model railroads and find the switch very refreshing and enjoyable.


    I agree I like the European look is a nice change.  I just wish that there was just as many American mods as there are German.


    Sorry for the bump.
    A video was uploaded to youtube with what probably explains why there are so few American mods.

    America was a pioneer in the past and that would be the premise for modding american trains. How ever I’ve found the further back you go the harder it is to find source material to a point you’ll be lucky if a museum has the info.

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