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    I have problems running the game. Every time I run the game and I get an error

    openGL context creation failed

    please try installing the latest drivers for your graphics card

    System Information:

    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.140303-2144)

     Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.5GHz

     Memory: 16384MB RAM

    Available OS Memory: 16322MB RAM

     Page File: 3498MB used, 14822MB available

       Windows Dir: C:\Windows

        DirectX Version: DirectX 11

    Display Devices

     Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770

           Manufacturer: NVIDIA

              Chip type: GeForce GTX 770

               DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC

             Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1184&SUBSYS_28351462&REV_A1

         Display Memory: 4038 MB

       Dedicated Memory: 1990 MB

          Shared Memory: 2048 MB

           Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (16 bit) (60Hz)

           Monitor Model: BenQ V2320H

             Monitor Id: BNQ7B22

            Native Mode: 1920 x 1080(p) (60.000Hz)

            Output Type: HDMI

    video card supports OpenGL 4.3, the latest version 340.52 drivers installed with the NVIDIA GeForce Experience .

     can you help to solve the problem with running the game?


    Could you please download this opengl-extension viewer

    and submit a screenshot similar to this:



    Thank you for your response.

    I’ve done all that you asked for the screenshot below

    I’m from Russia, so sorry for my English I do not know him very well


    I can also point, that I have Zotac GTX 770 AMP! and game running perfectly from first release.


    Could you set your desktop color depth to 32 bit and try it again?


    amazing, the game started. not sure if it works, but there is no error. more accurate information I can provide evening. because at the moment I am at work. Thank you very much anyway.


    all works, thanks for the help.


    Hi i need help with
    openGL context creation failed


    i realy want to play this game and especially cause american pack is commming out. i have Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family is thier anyway that u guys can lower the graphics level insted of me buying another PC

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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