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    In TF the loading/unloading time for trains seems to be linear – unloading 100 passengers takes 100 times as long as unloading 1, regardless of whether the train has 1 carriage or 10.

    In the real world the speed of loading/unloading passengers is proportional to the number of carriages as they load/unload in parallel. TF should also work this way, which would allow reduction of time spent in station by adding more carriages.

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    Agree and on a related topic, I noticed that when using long fast trains, the time required for a train(1) to unload/load is that long that the next train(2) on the same line is already arrived at the same station now waiting for the platform to clear up. When train 1 is finally done and gone train 2 enters the platform but there is nothing left to load and so it leaves immediatly just behind train 1 and runs like this until I separate them.

    On some lines I use signals to keep trains apart but on others, where for e.g. multiple lines share the same tracks, signal no longer help for obvious reasons.

    So yes, assuming my observations are not incorrect, this is another reason to have the trains unload/load faster.



    i hope this will be fixed, too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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