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    Hi all,

    I just started playing TF. As a long-time TTD and OpenTTD player, I was curious what this new game could offer. So far I like it, with a few snags, this being one of them.

    When I build a multi-platform station, trains only use one of them. I learned that with a single line, this is intentional. However, I have problems with multi-line as well, see the screenshot. Strangely, earlier this same station did work properly, both lines used their own platform. When I renewed trains, it switched back to how it is in the screenshot. I did not change the track or the signals. What is going on?


    Are they still on their way from the depot?

    I had this yesterday when adding a train. The line changes platform. The reason behind this is that the train coming from the depot can only reach that platform from the depot. When it went past the station it reverted back to the ‘default’ line.

    Hence I think that you have the same situation, the game changes platform as some trains cannot reach the designated platform (so it changes platforms to give the new trains a waypoint) from their current (!) position. Wait for all trains to get on the correct location and it should revert back.


    This could be it. I have seen this problem appear and I have fought it by changing switches and mucking around with signals, but it could be as simple as you say. Still, those kind of design quirks/decisions just have me shaking my head in bewilderment.


    The only way I could get it to work is to have a dedicated rail into the station for each line. Not sure if this is a bug or the intended behavior. I hope it’s a bug that will get fixed as I’d like the game to work properly. If there are two rails and only two lines on them, I don’t want the trains to wait for a free path when there is a perfectly good rail not being used.


    There are two issues here:

    1) If you have two lines on a track and split up the track in front of a station into separate platforms, the game apparently randomly decides which platform the lines get assigned. That could be two separate platforms, but also both ending on the same platform, leaving the other (perfectly accessible) unused.

    I think that’s a bug, because the assignment doesn’t follow any recognisable pattern. Both platforms are accessible for both lines, but each time you change something (put certain signals on the track; remove and replace a section on the track), the line is re-evaluated, and gets a platform assigned. Which one, appears to be random.

    So if I encounter that problem (two lines using one platform, leaving another one unused), I try removing and re-adding parts of the track somewhere until the lines get distributed onto two separate platforms.

    2) The other issue is a strange behaviour on double tracks with switches. If I have a double track with two switches so that trains can get from one track to the other, the game tends to move both lines onto one side of the track, leaving the other one unused. I’m not sure whether this counts as a bug per se, or is simply unintended behaviour or side-effect.


    I’m playing this game for last few days, and reading this forum as well. It seems to be a major pain in the neck with those multiplaform stations. doc0c: I get your point that this is annoying, however, in real life trains rarely go to a free platform. Usually a platform is associated to a line.

    Rather than changing current behaviour, maybe devs could add a “platform selector” which would allow us to define which platform should be used by train on the station. So that would be realistic and playable. At the moment trains may behave in realistic (line assigned to platform) but not playable way at all.

    That doesn’t obviously resolve issue with cargo: those trains should really use free available platform. Don’t know how in real life, but at least in game I’d expect bit more flexibility here.


    Yep, selecting a platform would be nice. A similar effect could be achieved by having waypoints, provided they are small (not larger than signals) and there can be lots and lots of them.


    I managed to fix the issue, with the help of Varana’s post.

    I put a signal on the track where both lines went, this blocked the traffic from going into the station and both lines changed to the other platform.  Then I removed the signal. Bam, fixed.


    This also seems to be messing with bus stops. I have two bus lines set up like this

    Station – Stop A – Stop B – Stop C
    ——————— Stop D

    The first bus line goes from Station to C and the other goes to D. A is just a simple road. The weird thing is; One bus line is assigned one side of the road, while the second line is assigned the other side of the road.
    To the game this makes sense, as both lines have their own platform (in circle lines it is actually working fine like this)… bad thing is that on one of the passes they first have to make a loop to get on their assigned platform.

    I made a screen but steamcloud is once again giving me trouble… will upload it when it allows me to.

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    its good that you fixed it but we shouldn’t have to be building / deleted objects to get it to work correctly, the devs need to do something about it. I say give us the choice to choose a platform for the train, ie. when we click the station a pop up menu appears asking us which track, and the track is highlighted when we mouse over it

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