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    Hi I’m having a problem with multiple unit trains, which files are needed I edited the multiple unit train lua’s in config folder but it just crashes when trying to load


    We’ve got some dumps regarding to those emu mods. We can’t tell exactly what’s wrong, but most likely a path is wrong or the referred waggons or locomotive has got an error in the metadata. Try to set them up as a single train and load them one by one.


    RoyalHants, could you flesh out the problem?

    Load the game? Load a saved game? Start a new game? Open the “purchase” menu? Clicking the train in the list to purchase? Crash when you hit purchase? Crash when you set the train to run on a line?

    Without specifics, I can only say: it could be anything.


    Hi Olahaldor the game crashes when clicking on the train depot (possibly UI failure?), loading game, save and loading the train(class 156) as a separate entity all work normally I can post the lua file when i get back.


    I am having a very similar issue, I’m working on a class 158 currently. My game crashes when I click on the Depot. Train works fine without the lua script


    I had the same problem. First time it was because i used wrong model as a template. Try to create your model based on the multiple unit train.

    Second time it was because i broke file structure. Try to use  existing file as template. Edit only exactly  field.



    Here is my lua file saved in the multiple_unit folder as class_158.lua

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated 🙂


    function data()

    return {

    vehicles = {

    { name = “vehicle/train/class_158.mdl”, forward = true },

    { name = “vehicle/train/class_158_centre.mdl”, forward = true },

    { name = “vehicle/train/class_158_trailer.mdl”, forward = true },


    name = _(“BR Class 158”),

    desc = _(

    “British Rail Class 158 used for Cross Country Services \n “..

    “Mod made by Svelbeard.”)




    this field looks different in my models:

    name = _(“BR Class 158″),


    I would have written in this way:

    name = “BR Class 158”,

    Problem can be not with class_158.lua. You shall check all train configuration files.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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