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    I live in Kathmandu , the capital city of Nepal, where an earthquake of 7.9m was hit recently

    It was saturday 25th april 2015, I was in my flat at 10th floor. After a short game of train fever, I was having my breakfast. Suddenly I felt a strong vibration under me as if I was sitting on a disel motor. Suddenly the whole ground beneath me started to swing so badly that I couldnt even stand. Objects began to fall. I thought that this was it. I and my family quickly ran via stairs and successfully got out of the apartment in about 3 minutes. Fortunately Me and my family members were safe.

    After about 15 minutes another strong shock came. This time we were panicked and thought that the whole building might collapse. It stopped after around 40 seconds. Now I realised that this is a strong natural disaster that Nepal is facing. We felt a series of strong after shocks. To make the matter more torturous, we got news that various buildings have collapsed and heavy casualties have been caused near us. We had no cell phones nor any money.

    Now we had to live the place and took shelter in a police headquater.  For 4 consecutive days we were there under a tent. To make it worse heavy rainfall was caused. And various small and large after shocks ranging upto 6m were felt.

    Finally we had no choice but to leave Kathmandu and temporarily stay  Bhairawa, the indo-nepal border.

    It was really a divastating expreince for me and I am still traumatized. I am  very much attached to the train fever community, so I thought to share my expericence.

    I am using my laptop to post this thread

    I hope no one in this world face such a disaster.




    The nepal earthquake was a big disaster.


    I can only imagine how bad it must have felt to know how many people died and lost their homes.
    I hope things are at least slowly begining to go normal.
    Stay safe, thanks for sharing your story!


    More than 8500 thousand people have lost their lives and more than 10000 more are injured. Many villages are completely divastated.

    Nepal is still facing multiple aftershocks.

    Thanks @medopu for sharing my thoughts.




    We’re with you, homie.
    I think DEVs/modders could create some Nepalese trains in TF to honor the country and its TF community.

    Be strong and let the trains be with you!



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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