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    First of all thanks for creating this game! And for listening to the community. It inspired me and after some daydreams (while sitting in metro and busses of course …) I want to tell you my ideas, it’s mainly about more DYNAMIC.

    (My English is bad, I’ll do my very best)


    It would be wonderful, if…


    *Factories would be in or near cities

    *some factories/resources can’t produce so much so you need more of the same kind in one chain

    *Technologies affect gameplay, example:

    1. In the first era industries (the blue area in cities) need coal for steam machines.

    2. Later (1900?) powerhouses are build and need coal while industries don’t need it anymore.

    3. Finally big cities build big powerhouses and support surrounding cities via overhead transmission. The smaller cities have no demand anymore. This ‘hole’ in gameplay would be filled with new factories created in/near the smaller cities.


    Factories/resources can appear and disappear because of

    +new technologies

    +city wants to grow

    +more demand anywhere on map

    -no more demand

    -no goods to work with (I think industries should stay, as long as there’s demand anywhere so players can handle with it)


    *maintenance costs of tracks would depend on the amount of trains using it, so a unused track wouldn’t be too bad – visualized by growing grass – a nice atmospheric feature. Now this area has something like a own story: Once there has been a great ‘whatever’-factory in this town but now… And maybe you can use it again, when a new industry is build along the track.


    As you see I would like to have some more product-chains so it makes sense to build a great freight yard in big cities and I imagine a gameplay where some things may change over time and the happy planning/creating/optimising never stops. (And things like overhead transmission etc. let you see in which era you are.)


    Great, you read it to the end, get some cookie.


    Hmmmm, sounds like Railroad Tycoon 3. I know Railroad Tycoon 3 you paid a fixed fee to maintain tracks, and then extra as traffic increases on the stretch. You also paid a special fee when using another players rail tracks and so on.

    If you want to increase the chain, look over here: or

    I rather waiting for the dev to implement a map editor for me to be able to specify where I want the cities and industries.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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