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    Finally reached 1500 population in one of my towns to get the Metropolis achievement. There sure are some pretty big skyscrapers in the downtown area! The tallest residential tower is home to 200 people.

    You can see the semi-sunken passenger station in the middle with 5 lines curving off in each direction. Just for fun, I built the “freight yard” you can see towards the upper-right corner. Only two tracks are actually used, the rest are purely decorative.

    (click here for a bigger image:

    The view from my favorite train-watching spot:

    (click for bigger image:

    There are a lot of DualStox in service by this time.

    (bigger image:

    And a lot of DualStox arriving means lots and lots of passengers. It doesn’t matter how many trams or buses you try to add, they can’t handle this crowd!

    (bigger image:

    Below is a shot of the town back in 1925 shortly after I finished modifying the terrain and adding the stations. Sure has changed a lot in the intervening 125 years.

    (bigger image:




    That’s very, very impressive!! I’d love to have that kind of traffic with a big fleet of Flirt trains. ๐Ÿ˜€


    Wow! Excellent, didn’t know cities can grow that big.

    Are the trains going point to point? Or multi station?


    I would like to play this map are you using mods


    Great achievement and a very neat rail construction! It looks awsome!


    how do you get cities to grow this much? i always have trouble with that


    It would be really cool with like 5 or 6 full length double or quad track stations, that are paried up with single or double track short station that interconect the station in steed of bus trafic….

    But the game kind of suport it badly, but its probobly doable.

    I still think its bad that there is no underground stations… But you can sort of make under ground run up.


    Nothing short of amazing, Klinn ! Very inspirational too !

    Could you possibly elaborate a little bit about how you modified the terrain ?

    Thank you very much on forehand and congrats with your fantastic Metropolis ! ๐Ÿ™‚




    grr so jelly whenever I get a few citys with 1,000 pop the framerate has dropped to about 5 FPS and starts periodically freezing for 30 seconds at a time


    my spec

    Windows 7 64

    AMD 6300 3.6 ghz (overclocked)


    8 gig ram.


    why does the game run so bad? I have all settings on Low although with my spec I should be able to run on high, I can run on high with a solid 60 early game but once I have around 100 vehicles and the Cars start spawning, its game over I end up rage quitting its so laggy. I tried on a medium map and the same happened too, might try small next :/


    Great Metropolis.

    I’ve gotten close in my games but gotten bored of replacing vehicles and quit each time.

    Also, i disagree with the way the load/unload pax currently badly mucks up train timings and ends up bunching them up, making the problem worse and worse.

    I have a new goal though seeing your city. ย Thanks for sharing.


    I’ve never even been close to accomplishing to make a city like that.

    Makes me think that I’m playing the game completly wrong! ๐Ÿ˜›


    Thanks for the feedback folks.

    @Akot783: The trains are point-to-point. There are nine of them converging on this town, five from one side and four from the other. The signals keeps them sorted out. I’ve read that stations aren’t supposed to need signals, but it worked better for me to add some just before the platforms.

    With all those trains arriving at one town, I’ve had over 500 passengers waiting on the platforms!

    : Since I’m doing a lot of landscaping, I made a simple mod to reduce those expenses (edited the “costs.lua” file) but it turned out that by far the most pricey thing is bulldozing buildings. Oh well.

    : Having 9 passenger rail lines feeding the town fuels a lot of growth. A nearby oil refinery is almost entirely devoted to supplying goods to this town alone. There’s an internal looping bus route, but I’m not sure how important that really is (there’s another thread around debating that subject).

    : Yeah, my games also lag a lot once you hit the modern era. Something the devs are working on apparently. This is a medium size map. Because of the lag I’ve never bothered to try the large size.

    : The basic contours of the semi-sunken station areas are created using long stretches of wide roadways, pressing ‘N’ to sink the center portion and create a smooth grade, then deleting the road to leave behind the modified terrain. Or to expand a sunken area I’ll build a road and adjust the grade so it’s flat, then bulldoze the road.

    To go deep enough, sometimes I had to make two passes over an area. Onceย  brought me about halfway down, then doing it again pushed the terrain further down.

    After using roads to get the basic contours, then I use the landscaping tools to soften the sharp edges, do some raising and lowering in some spots if needed. Then I add the station, rails, bridges and other roads, only to discover where things don’t quite work out. Delete everything and make further adjustments, then add it all back in again.

    Yeah, it takes a while. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Took me about an evening just for this one town, plus many millions of dollars.

    : Heh-heh, fortunately there’s no “wrong” way to play Train Fever, it’s just fun to try to accomplish different things in different sessions.

    : Yeah, replacing road vehicles all the time is especially tedious. That’s why this town is the only one on my map with an internal transit route. I just ignore the others. They can walk.

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    Here’s a few of my larger cities from my first ever map (Large). It needs some serious work done with inner-city transport as I’ve learned a few things on my second map.

    2.6k Mega-Metropolis

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    Nice one ๐Ÿ™‚


    This is my biggest so far, in 2131…

    (Don’t know the exact size, it sais 2100 before i saved the game, after loading it it said 1600…)

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    Thanks for posting your cities, Kekoas and General. Reaching more than 2000 is quite amazing!

    General, did your city recover? Did it get back to the original 2100 population quickly or stay around 1600? When I reloaded my Metropolis save game it was at 1499 instead of 1500 but almost immediately bounced up to 1508.

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