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    Well, first of a great thumbs up for these developers who did a great job creating this game all by themselves in a relatively short time. I was waiting for your game for years, and now it’s finally released.

    I think your game can be huge and will make an huge impact on the gamers that have been playing games in the OpenTTD genre. I love the huge graphical update and the game choices you’ve made so far. However i think your game can be much better than it is now and make it even more fun to play. It’s too bad i wasn’t selected for the Beta, however i hope you’ll still use my feedback.

    These are the things i want to mention, which is a list of possible improvements, bugs and findings. I hope you can use this large list to improve the game in the next couple of weeks/months:

    – You can’t build a road crossing a railroad or upgrade such a road. Mayor flaw!
    – Road building often results in collission and alignment errors. However, if you build in sections, try it from the other direction and/or upgrade it afterwards or the city builds them themselves, these roads are possible.  So why can’t i build them myself or in one try?
    – Terrain and alignment collisions are completely wack. F.e. i build a station. Afterwards i need an extra track, so i delete the station and want to replace it with a new one in EXACTLY the same spot: i can’t! It keeps on saying there are collisions while a few moments ago the station was not colliding. STUPID!

    – Cars drive straight through trains at crossings
    – When a vehicle is on its way to a depot and you build a depot closer by, the vehicle does not reroute to the new depot

    – Building road bridges over a railroad is almost undoable and requires far too much space. A car can handle a far steeper slide than a train! Maybe make an easier option of building a bridge over a railway or other road?
    – Railroad X, N and YY crossings are not supported. Please make them possible as they are possible in real life situations.
    – For cargo RORO stations should be possible, including multi-platform usage of a single line (like in OpenTTD where trains and buses just enter any available platform). Maybe you should make an option when adding a station to a line where you can select multiple-plaform use for a particular line. The system you have now makes sense in some situations, but the OpenTTD style usage of platforms is used in real life too (f.e. at container terminals or at mining operations), so both should be possible.
    – You MUST figure out something about your railroad section ‘problem’. If you want to micromanage and change a railroad a little bit, but you build the railroad as a huge section, you end up deleting the entire huge section and you get ‘Vehicle is in the way’ all the time, even though it’s not even close. This is idiotic.
    – Make trainstations upgradable (adding platforms)
    – When you reverse a steam train, the steam comes out of at the wrong end
    – Even with high-speed tracks and large flat and straight train tracks, hardly any train goes over 140 Km/hour. Trains keep slowing down at small corners, even though the max speed mentioned when building far exceeds the current speed of the train.
    – Downhill acceleration of trains is not calculated right. If a 250+ tons train goes down a slope, it will speed up like hell (once over the top) and not as lightly as in-game.
    – Make an upgrade option from normal to high-speed track (just like you did with roads and catenary)

    – The issue of ‘Jumping’ of vehicles when adding/changing roads (or the city does so) or busstops, even if the vehicles aren’t even on or routed via these roads (or are sometimes 2 blocks away). This messes up the circulation of the vehicles and should be resolved by limiting this behaviour only if the road layout is really changed or a road a vehicle is driving is deleted.
    – Jumping private-owned cars (see the issue above) end up on bus lanes.
    – Cars keep driving on bus lanes, even though the normal lane next to it is wide open!

    – On a game start-up keyboard camera buttons only work after scrolling with the right mouse button at least once.
    – Page up/down are logical keys for camera zooming

    – When new vehicles are presented in the bottom of the screen, make them clickable providing a window with the vehicle details

    – Make Bus stops possible on bridges
    – Bus stops often can’t be placed on several parts of the street, even though there seems to be plenty of place to put them
    – Let up to 2 or 3 buses halt at a station/bus stop at the same time! This is how it works in real life.
    – Why is the maximum number of people waiting on a bus station limited to 30 when even a normal road-side bus stop has a higher limit? There can easily be more than 30 people be standing on a platform of that size.
    – Routing of the standard 2-platform bus and tramstation is illogical. When multiple vehicles are queing up for the stop on the right side (as seen from the entrance of the busstation), vehicles end up blocking the street outside of the busstation. When the vehicles drive around the station block first, there is room for 4 or 5 buses waiting in line at the station itself without any congestions.
    – On a 2 or 4-platform busstation (or grouped busstop) multiple lines end up using the same platforms all the time, while other platforms aren’t used at all! Maybe an option of appointing a fixed platform to a line could be a solution?
    – When you click a station or bus stop and see x people waiting for Line 2, you can’t click that line to open up the line information.
    – When you click on a grouped station (f.e. the bus station part of a bus station+train station) you’ll only see the passengers waiting at that part of the station (only the bus passengers). Only when you click the icon will you see all people waiting.
    – Non-line specific / flexible passengers/goods. F.e. if goods or passengers need to go to B and there are multiple lines from the same (bus)station to B (with the same length/time of the route taken), they should get on the first vehicle of any line that goes to B, and not predetermine they’ll take Line 1 or 2.
    – When a vehicle has a line that passes 2 stops of the same grouped station next to eachother on its route, it stops at both stations. Why?

    – Make more use of double-clicking. For example when buying vehicles simply double-clicking a vehicle should be used to purchase it immediatly, without the need to click the ‘Buy’ button. This speeds up gameplay.
    – Old vehicles should be highlighted in the lines and vehicle overview (f.e. with a different color tag), and preferable have a RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON feature to send them to a depot (or auto-upgrade vehicle, see next suggestion)
    – Have an in-game editable pre-determined auto-upgrade path for vehicles. F.e. if old road vehicle model 1 is entering a depot, automatically upgrade it to road vehicle model 5.
    – Make more use of the right-mouse for options of or simple instructions for a vehicle (f.e. the send to depot instructions, stop/start it, or change the line it’s running on from within the lines overview)
    – Have (an option to) NOT have new vehicles open a vehicle window. This is OpenTTD-style and outdated, as you do no longer need to add a route or determine the goods-type a vehicle uses. As i found out while playing, most of the times you buy a number of vehicles, you simply select ‘add all to line x’ and you’re ready. There’s no need for an auto-opening vehicle window, and second the game performance is degraded heavily when opening these windows, especially if you purchase 10 or more vehicles at once.

    – Conditinional routing (f.e. if cargo load > 80%, goto station X).

    – When saving the game should remember the last used savegame name (and maybe a fancy browse box with a list of previous savegames?)
    – Train Fever (when running) has no icon in the taskbar

    – There are far too few new bus models between 1950 and 1989. In real life there have been 2 more generations of buses in the meantime (about 1965 and 1980) and you include none. This leaves a huge gap in history, and is also inpractical in-game as i still have buses from 1937 driving around in 1980 since there’re no replacements available. I know they can be added via mods later, but there should be more vehicles in the game itself pre-packed (and till now there are no buses in this time-span available as mod yet either).
    – The Berkhof Duvedec articulated bus is modeled very poorly. It’s frankly a box on wheels, and even the front wheels aren’t steering (and the rear axle should be steering too). In real life this bus is far more rounded around the corners and detailed. If you need pictures for modeling this vehicle, please contact me as i own 3 of these buses myself (for real, i’m not kidding).

    Berkhof Duvedec

    Okay, so these are just some ideas and things i found out. Comments and questions are welcome. I hope you fix these issues, then the game will be truely awesome!


    +1.  For owning the buses!

    Also – excellent suggestions – all of them.

    An addition also to mouse wheel scrolling: it often ignores the first scroll event in a window, or when you change from one direction to another.  Can be frustrating on long windows.  Respond to the first scroll event also.


    +1 @t-stike, a nice picture of a Dutch squeeze box on wheels you have 😉 I hope you don’t get too many fucked up costumers at Saturday night with it.



    Absolutely agree with above. my 2cents

    Number one for me so far is track building is way too tricky for the average gamer like me, those terrain collisions are maddening.

    Also this thing with macafee is a real pain and have to redownload exe file time and time again.

    I can see the potential but its too frustrating at present. Hopefully you developers with change a few things , even happy to pay for modified version with things fixed up




    Ok, another point that keeps freeking me out: Bus lockups. Why do some buses stop when they can simply drive on, but they don’t? This results in a complete station lockup, just like in the original Transport Tycoon. Please fix this as a high priority bug.

    Unfortunately i find myself shutting Train Fever off because of those bugs. They end up spoiling the fun of the game. I really hope they get fixed soon.

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