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    Simple set up:

    Forest (Wood) —> Sawmill (Goods) —> Town 1

    Train 1 takes wood to sawmill

    Train 2 takes goods to Town 1


    Works perfectly well.

    Until you realise, that because the Forest is near a Town, Town 2, and that Train 1 is taking goods from the sawmill to Town 2, which it drops off before picking up the next load of wood..

    You cannot instruct Train 1 not to pick up goods. The only options a line has are Load if available, Full load (any), and Full load (all). I don’t want to load, I want to instruct the train to only Offload.

    The wagons the trains use can carry both goods and wood. Which is a second problem behind this issue.


    Needs a fix? Or have I missed something glaringly obvious?

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    You’re missing the fact that it doesn’t matter which town they deliver to in terms of your profit and the industry will grow to fully supply both towns if you give it a little bit of time.


    Yes, but I like to be specific in which town receives goods from which industries. This issue is preventing me from doing so.

    Anyone else have any ideas?


    It might not be the best solution, but you could sever the road that links the sawmill to the town (but without deleting the road to the station), so it forces to stop delivering goods from the station to the town. Other solution would be to optimize the other town’s goods supply, so it becomes a better goods offer than the sawmill is providing (and thus stopping the problem at hand).

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