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    I have a circular line which connects multiple cities and all works fine… then I created a cargo line from one factory to another which had to cross main passenger line. I wanted to create a bridge over passenger line …  without success .. then I created the birdge first and tryed to place tracks under .. without success … is even possible ??

    Anyway .. I created a crossing over the main line. I have a train depot on main passenger line and one on my freight line .. all was fine until one passenger train needed a replacement … I sent him to depot … train choosed the depod located on freighter line and because of that got stuccked with cargo train..

    i have siutation like:


    both are facing the station and waiting. How the hell can I solve this ??? ..only option i see is to destroy the station??



    Click on the Cargo Train and click the “running” text. This stops the engine – Then tell it to reverse (to the right of that text) and then start it up again.

    It should go towards the depot and let the passenger train get to the platform. Ideally you should keep depots on a siderail with a signal so that it waits for a clear path on the main railway (you’ll also need signals there of course)



    (The signal being on the right side of the track so it triggers and halts the train when it wants to go out to the depot)


    thanx … I managed to solve it. I defined a line again to passenger train. Train reversed and got back to line .. and then I sent him again to depod.

    Some other question…

    1. How can I delete savegames? … is possible from the game .. if not .. where are stored on disk?

    2. What is good frequency for trains and what for road veichles

    3. is better to have more trains or more wagons if trainstations have a lot of passengers?





    1. Savegames are being stored in your steamfolder  ….\Steam\userdata\….  search for a savegamename here.

    2. For Trains i recomend a frequency of less then 10 min. The longer the game the lower the frequency should be.Roadvehicles frequency should be very low, i tried to keep it at around 100 sec .

    3. It depends on the frequency and the passenger which will be left on the station.



    what about my question about building bridges over tracks ? .. is possible

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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