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    I spotted an interesting forum entry on steam from GeneralGeldenhuys asking the following:

    I feel there is not enough rolling stock in the game and have to get them from I hope Urban can release a new DLC pack with the best selection of rolling stock from to expand the choices of locomotives and wagons.

    I completely second it. I know we can just get on and install mods, but this seem complicated. It would be really cool if urban games could get a deal with some modders (it should not be that hard… mods are free anyway and would benefit from a much larger audience) and release some packs by country combining cities names, rolling stock and maybe infrastructure (e.g. signals, stations etc.).

    It would be particularly nice to have them by country. For instance I have seen there are many mods from Italy, France, Germany, UK, Japan and so on.

    What do you think Urban Games of this idea ?


    I (we) think the idea is great, but also it is a lot of work! And I mean not for us, but for the community. The guys over a are currently finishing work on the “Nordic DLC” which will be officially supported by Train Fever. From what I know it took months or even close to a year to do that.

    I also know about a UK and a Russian themed project. So let´s see what the future brings!



    Why not have steam workshop integration? It’s much easier to add mods ,also everyone could use it also.

    But then the developers would have to work on having the code ready.


    I’ve always been puzzled why Train Fever does not support a Steam Workshop; the game is sold via Steam?


    But using any mode disables the achievements, right?  If there were a few more built-in items, then that would not be a problem.

    For instance, the USA DLC should have built-in American style signals, roads and road crossings.  For me to play with realistic American roads, wayside signals, crossing signals, etc., I need to install modes.  Shouldn’t this all be part of the USA DLC?  Why is there a European road crossing sign in the USA DLC?  Why aren’t there American style crossing gates and overhead flashers?  That would make sense.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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