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    Just stumbled upon this game a couple of days ago, and it looked really interesting. I have read that the game has quite some bugs and other annoying Things, what im wondering is quite simply, is this game Worth its Money?


    yea man its pretty good, you missed it on sale recently, it will prob come up on the Steam Xmas sale if you can wait. Ur asking on the game forums here so most people that reply will say yea, because if the game wasn’t;t worth playing we wouldn’t be here talking about it!


    Honestly, no.

    It’s close. But not yet. There are a few really key things they should fix and I’d recommend it to everyone I know, but until that’s done it’s just anther game that failed to reach its potential.



    As you can notice, on this forum most people do not talk about it because it is worth playing, but because it has so many issues, thus making it more or less unplayable. Performance issues, unability to make real-world railway layouts (switches, custom stations, no banked turns…), different sizes of large street, no timetables or at least time gap keeping between vehicles and much much more.

    Yes, it could be very very good game for all railway fans, but not now.


    There is no 3D competitor of Train fever. At least not the one that focuses on trains/transport. So if you like trains so very much, you might want to swallow the lagging and interface issues, just to see the trains in action doing what they do. Transport goods and passengers. YAAY šŸ˜€

    I really hope developers work on this game to bring updates, preformance and content-wise.

    It’s great that you get to play from 1850 up to today, but the vehicle list is a bit lacking and as i said … i play it because there is no other game like that.

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    Most of the above is something that can be worked around. Timetables for example, I’ve found a good layout with good spacing of signals means the trains end up running at a reasonable interval. However, the game is TERRIBLY bugged, the biggest problemĀ is the performance issue. Once you get to grips with what this game is about and what it can do, even the most powerful machine will struggle to cope. I have an i7 CPU with 4GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 6950 card which I built specifically as a gaming PC. It copes easily with high resource programs such as FarCry, Crysis, etc. as well as easily running MS Flight simulator and Train Simulator 2015 with all the settings on max. Train Fever though seems to have a major performance flaw right now, as soon as you get half way successful, it becomes a frustrating slideshow. Even when paused, it seems to have trouble, making fiddly things such as track laying and station placement VERY frustrating!

    You must bear in mind that this has been produced by a small ‘indi’ developer though on a tight budget and that the game itself is still relatively new so hopefully it can be fixed. I MEAN hopefully as well because at its core is a GREAT game, anyone who like simulation and / or railways will enjoy it a great deal, whether you buy it now or not depends on your budget right now. We are promised as patch in the new year and there are modders releasing new content almost daily.


    Yeah too many issues with it for me too.Ā  Buggy industries some produce some don’t … duno why.Ā  Cant have long industrial connections or mixed.Ā  Cant have 2 oil wells supplying one refinary… It just doesn’t work .. I have no understanding of how the signals work. the monetry system in this game blows chunks so much..
    Connecting town with passenger trains is a fast track to ruin. Why don’t towns people use the trains?… still can’t place roads on tracks..Ā  No auto renew of all vehicles.Ā  I don’t really care to much about animated crossings n all .. I just want the bugs fixed.

    Game is playable but not enjoyable. Just becomes annoying.



    If I can offer some help / advise on the above,

    1. Yes you CAN have more than one raw material serve one goods producer, like oil to a refinery, wood to sawmill etc. I have a game saved right now that does exactly that with two oil wells serving a common refinery, I guess its all down to in game demand and other weird stuff behind the scenes.

    2. Signals are EASY once you understand the basics. Simply put, a signal’s JOB is to show whether the path ahead is clear or not. It will only indicate upto the next station or signal, this is worth remembering if you have a long stretch of double track, put extra signals both ways along the line so a train doesn’t wait for another many miles ahead to clear.

    3. People using trains. I can only assume you are making a line too long or something because I have ALWAYS found that in the long run, passenger traffic is by far the biggest cash generator. My only thoughts are this, choose towns that are being supplied by goods as well, a town with a dead economy will not need a passenger line!

    4. Roads on tracks is a pain sometimes but you can still delete the section of line, place the road, then re draw the line over it. Yeeeeess, it should work both ways but ho-hum, early days…..

    5. Auto renue. I’m not a fan of this idea, I like the fact the I make theĀ  choice when to upgrade stock or vehicles. What is a pain is the current way of doing it, ie, you loose the goods they are carrying unless you wait the entire trip until they are empty. There should be a ‘return to depot AFTER dropping off goods/passenger’ option.



    yes, this game is buggy as f* but not for the reasons you described. You don’t seem to understand this game fully.

    -Industries don’t produce if there is no demand. (I think you mean mines, mills and refineries).
    -Yes you can have long industrial connection. I have Ore/Coal stations that lift raw materials, drop them in a mill, load goods at that drop-off location and ship them to 2 cities in their respective industrial areas. If I had a city between these lines, I could also arrange the train, or additional trains if needed, to also load passangers if i wanted to or needed to. This is long enough for me.
    -Maybe you don’t need 2 oil wells supplying refinery. In this game, production on any level matches 1:1, so if refinery has a production output of 100 and oil well only at 20, the oil well will increase production to match the refinery production. For example. If a steel mill has a production output of 250, I don’t need 3 ore mines connecting with it with their combined output of 250, i will wait for one ore mine to expand untill it meets the steel mill demand.
    -Signals work fine.
    -What “monetry” system?
    -People won’t use trains, if using train would take more than 20 minutes including the travel to and from stations. They also don’t use them Ā if they are slower than car. If you build stations correctly, if you connect the stations, and if people need to travel to other cities, you will see people using trains. If I can do this easily, you can do it too!!!!!!
    -Roads-on tracks doesn’t work. It’s annoying i know. But before devs fix this issue, you can delete train track, place the road, and re-build the train track on top of that. Hope it helps.
    -Auto renew is also necessery to include. It’s a must addition. This is because lines (especially longer lines) get basically ruined for years before vehicles catch the flow rythm they had before.


    5. Auto renue. Iā€™m not a fan of this idea, I like the fact the I make theĀ  choice when to upgrade stock or vehicles. What is a pain is the current way of doing it, ie, you loose the goods they are carrying unless you wait the entire trip until they are empty. There should be a ā€˜return to depot AFTER dropping off goods/passengerā€™ option.

    I think desynchronised vehicle problem after you upgrade the line with new vehicles is a bigger problem than them not returning to depot after dropping of goods.

    Vehicle should replace the older vehicle without changing position or carried load. I know it’s not exactly realistic, but it’s less pain in the ass when you have literally a thousand vehicles to replace. It’s just annoying and no use to 99% of players except for those 1% who strive for some sort of unnecessary “tru realism brah!”


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    I see the nay-sayers are already here šŸ˜›

    Mmky. The game is a worthy purchase. Half of it comes from the fact that it has no competition, half of it comes from being pretty goddamn fun.

    However, it requires quite abit of fine tuning to get it working. What you get out of the box is pretty much unplayable.

    The most glaring issues are:

    1. Performance. Even quite beefy machines have problems in keeping good FPS. In extreme cases games become so choppy that it becomes unplayable. I keep myself to small maps because of this.

    2. Balance of the base game is totally wonky. Trains, especially late game, are waaaay to expensive to run.

    3. There are some usability issues. Some interfaces are clumsy, some will suprrise you or will not work correctly.

    4. Some features are missing, like some track combinations or more user friendly vehicle management.

    However, once you iron out the issues, the game is pretty damn fun to play. I am on my 80th hour so far, and I think I will burn a few more on this.

    It all boils down to the fact that the game was made by rookie programmers and designers. But it gets a steady stream of updates, so I think you can give them some benefit of the doubt.

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    Timetables for example, Iā€™ve found a good layout with good spacing of signals means the trains end up running at a reasonable interval.

    Yes, signals seem to be good idea, but in my current game there is a section of tracks (between my hub and my busiest junction in the next town) with five passenger lines (line=2 trains) and 4 cargo trains running on it. It is lovely to see the junction working, it is really busy. But even with four tracks between these towns the trains have to wait and that is causing a mess. I don’t want to build absolutely separated tracks for each line, because real world doesn’t work like this. Not to mention it would need huge amount of space. Timetables are probably hard to implement because of differently passing time but if the trains on the same line kept a gap between them (depending on the number of trains on the line) e.g. by waiting in the station a little longer, it would be really nice. Now I have to manually stop the “faster one”. As you can notice, it somehow works with the road vehicles, try to follow a bus and you may see waiting it at the stop longer than necessary.

    So yes, your workaround can work with few trains on the same tracks, but you will never be able to build real-world busy stations (have a look at e.g. Clapham junction in London). And … it is still a workaround.


    Yes, a realĀ timetableĀ would be impossible due to the odd way ‘time’ is depicted in the game. An average route can take MONTHS to go from end to end! However, being able to set a waiting time would be a good idea. Also, anyone looking for real world layouts should get TS2015.

    Another thing I would like to be able to do is set each train as a ‘high or low’ priority. By that I mean, passenger trains should not have to give way to goods, branch lines should wait for a mainline express,. etc.


    I am afraid at the monent you would be wating your money the game has to many bugs to be playable I hope this helps make up your mind



    Personally I think the game is a bargain. Sure there are some performance issues to work out but the devs are active. There are arguably missing features too, which there is a general understanding are being worked on. In my experience it is very stable, I’ve had 2 crashes in over 100 hours – while not ideal it’s certainly not a deal breaker.

    However I think it would be unfair to say that the game is full of bugs – just because some players feel that certain features don’t work the way they would like or have come to expect from other games, does not make them bugs.

    This game ,while having elements of TTD, is definitely a different game with its own nuances. There is a pretty steep learning curve to master those and it requires patience for quite a few hours. Some people are unwilling to put that time into a ‘game’ and I can understand that – but I enjoy the game a lot after the learning phase.

    Arguably the best way to look at this game is as a virtual model trainset. It allows for very complex networks despite some user’s claims to the contrary – I would go out on a limb and say they haven’t grasped how the game works.

    The German forum has lots of tips and mods – if you don’t speak it then Google web translate is your friend and generally understandable.

    Here is a screenshots topic of some of the things you can build.



    I like the game and feel it is worth the purchase price.

    Cool link TrainInfluenza.

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