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    Sadly it’s only in German, but someone at reddit wrote a short summary.

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    Saw it too, great how they allready have mods running in beta:

    Here’s the summary:

    In this video some mods are shown. First the cargo mod with new industries and production chains. Then they show some new trains and give some general information regarding mods.

    • 2:40 – Cargo Mod – Features new industries and production chains
    • 3:16 – Shows a factory for household items. These have to be deliverd to the towns. production inputs are: plastic, planks and steel
    • 3:53 – Plastic factory; Input: refined oil
    • 4:30 – Shows an oil refinery and an oil well
    • 4:53 – Lumbermill (Sägewerk) and a forest (Wald)
    • 5:28 – Production chain for steel is explained

    Here is a part of the production chain for household items:

    Coal mine –> cokery plant -> steelworks —> factory for household items

    Iron ore mine -> steel rolling mill –> steelworks –> factory for household items

    • 7:34 – “Thus it’s possible to mod any production chain one wants to have.”
    • 7:45 – shows that existing wagons are used for the new goods. But it should be possible to add new wagons.
    • 8:30 – New vehicles – First one: Büssing D2U with animated doors and an animated frame
    • 8:52 – VT137
    • 9:20 – BR 420 in different colors
    • 10:25 – ICE1
    • 10:55 – shown Models were originally made for Cities in Motion with Blender and customized for Train Fever; Scripts are written in Lua. Other tools work as well as Blender, except for SketchUp.
    • 13:30 – mentioning of mods that were developed by other beta testers: new stations, different user interface (large UI)
    • 13:50 – talk about what might be possible: new industries, new buildings, new futuristic buildings, new signals, new tracks; modding is an essential part of the game and already in this beta version very easy
    • 15:10 – talk about german community website (look here if you want to see some other mods that are in development)

    Of course a lot of this is experimental and placeholder. New meshes for new factories should be perfectly possible.


    Also “Øøøl øøøøl øøøøl” Silly germans. That’s beer, not Oil. Stop stealing Danish words. 😀


    Thats awesome!..  I cant wait what other modders can do..   Hopefully more items are mod friendly such as how trains turn around, perhaps disasters/derailments, etc.. it looks promising that a beta is modable.  I’m so excited.. yet I don’t even get to play when the game comes out!.. noes!..


    Perhaps a modder could put almost every train, vehicle.. anything and everything.. and let us play with everything!.. or be able to play selective countries!…

    Just like dropping all products off at a town/ city, maybe a drop off at an industry that just takes and doesn’t produce. Like a Coal or Oil power plant!

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