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    Hey guys, I love this game and I can’t wait for the Murican content to come out!  I hope to see alot more from modders. I did have 1 question.   Anyone have any idea about what hard coded items will now be non hard code? What kind of an impact would that have on game play?

    As for gameplay. As much as I love this game. I find it as I start over and over again that it does get boring. I do love watching my trains. I absolutely do, but I see some vehicles also have no purpose in this game. Mod wise too.

    Case in point. A small tank engine in the 1900’s personally doesn’t serve a purpose.  It can’t pull nearly as much as a loco/tender, nor do they typically have the speed of the bigger locos.  Same could go for shunting diesels like the Class 08. There just isn’t a purpose.  I’d like to resort to an idea I had and placed here a long time ago. Would make things more interesting.


    The rail yard idea.  I still think this game would be able to handle such a task. It would give purpose to tank engine and shunting diesels…   It’s use would be for both passenger and freight.  Could have multiple shunting locos moving train cars about. Getting trains ready etc.

    Simply the shunters would form the train be it what ever consist while the pulling loco or loco’s come from the turntable/ yard house and by the time it can be in place the shunters would move the consist up a connect it to the pulling locos.  Train takes off after to go on it’s route.

    Another thing I feel about the game is that no matter what loco I get next each and every loco and pull what ever I feel that there is no actual feeling that a train is pulling a massive freight train. They all pull like they have passenger cars. I’d like to see locos really placed into their categories to pull what they are meant to pull.

    As for effects to make it more train like… Any thoughts about trains blaring their horn or whistles while crossing the road. In America at least typically a train blasts it’s horn 4 times. 2 times long 1 time short and then as the train hits the pavement it hits the horn once more.

    What about braking? Trains don’t have any sound for them actually slowing down. Wheels hissing/screeching, brake pressure not releasing(if taking off from a station) or being engaged, etc. Would be a nice little addition.  Even a bell on loco’s that had it when pulling into the station. As I can’t comment on what the rest of the world does, but in America trains sound their bell when pulling into a station.

    I also posed my next thought on the .net site. Didn’t get a kind response. My thought was going to be train wrecks, and breakdowns.  This is a thing that happens. It’s real life, and of course this is just a video game, but it would spice the game up a bit. I’m not asking in any shape or way that their would be people getting dismembered etc. nothing that crazy. Just perhaps a train running a signal plowing into another train, train hitting a turn to fast jumping the track, frozen switch etc.  You might ask what kind of spice could this bring to the game, well it would lead you to sending out a clean up crane/train would have to clear the line, the cost. This should be an option in the game to happen, but be able to be turned of as I know many people wouldn’t like the idea what so ever.

    As for breakdowns, if not a multiple engine train you’d have to send a locomotive to rescue the broken down train and move it along.

    Any possibility of having animated industries? Trains pulling through, freight wise, and the coal cars would be filled from above via overhead coal bins. If an inport export facility ever sees the light of day I would say a crane that places down crates on flat cars.

    With all these thoughts and ideas it would require the game to be drastically slowed down timewise. A day couldn’t be 3 seconds any more it would have to be dragged out significantly longer, which many player here I know wouldn’t mind.

    With longer days it would mean that weather and day/night cycles would be more feasible.

    Other thought and many feel this way is that train stations at least for freight rail need to be extended a bit more than 320 Meters. Also a passenger station that is a mix with 1 line perhaps for freight. It can really be a pain in the butt to have 2 stations running through a city to drop of both people and freight.

    For having a 10 track station I was going to suggest if you build it close enough it should have a passage way from 1 5 track station to the other 5 track station. This would be instead of HAVING to have a dedicated connection to the other station. OR an ability to upgrade a station to have more platforms.

    What about having logistics come into play. Such as water towers, coal towers to help out steam loco’s and fueling stations for diesel engines?

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    You would need to have a 24hour clock and one day in-game is the equivalent of one year atm.

    One page of the finances is 1 day, autosaves is every 5 days, it would take 365 times longer to get to 2000.

    I think it would be interesting but it also sounds like a different game, maybe make it yourself? id buy it =P


    Great ideas and i’d LOVE a game with those features but I think we’re talking about ‘Train Fever II’ here. Would need some major changes to the way the game works.

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