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    I am on imac i7 and bought this game. I wonder how to get a Sawmill to use my goods station? I try to link it, but whatever I do there is no link? Is there something broken within the mac version of the game?

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    There can be a number of issues

    -Make sure that your station is connected to the road network ( two parallel yellow lines in early years),

    -The sawmill you are serving is supplied with wood. Use the cargo view to check whether it is being supplied or not.

    -There should already be a line between sawmill and a city before your station start receiving goods.

    If non of the above applies then it is better to provide a screenshot.



    Here is my issue.

    The station where the woods should go is connected, but this one not at all? Why? Ive tried to connect it everywhere, but nothing ;/


    Okay, goods and passengers have a maximum travel time of 20 minutes. Your train has a frequency of 9 minutes and it will take a while travel too. Try to put a second or even a third train onto the line.

    Secondly, the wood needs a travel time of 20 minutes max, too. So you need:

    wood –> (in 20 mins) —> sawmill –> (in 20 mins) —> city.

    If all this is connected it should work.






    To see if an industry is getting goods out of the oven, enable the “Goods” checkbox from the layered icon (bottom right). If it is doing it, check where does the cargo go, and see why it is not using your roads. Also, did you check that the carriage is correct for your goods? I once confused an iron/ore carriage with a woods/goods carriage for a couple of years, so it might happen.


    to get to know the mechanics and have a better feeling how to build production line, start with a truck line, it’s way easier. And enable the cargo option bottem right. This way you see which villages automatically get goods.

    At the beginning around 5 trucks should work for a short production route. And always connect the goods to the nearest city at the beginning.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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